Word nerds in pictures (or emojis)

Word nerds in pictures (or emojis)

To celebrate our eighth birthday, our continually expanding brood, and our unapologetic love for a really good emoji, we thought we would combine the three, by asking each one of our word nerds to sum themselves up using a string — or rather, an octet — of the small-yet-snazzy symbols.

Believe us, it’s much harder than it looks — particularly when we rely on the power of words for everything we do. So, to get us into the swing of things, we kicked off with a visual sentence for the lady that made it all happen in 2013, the legend that is, Katie Mallinson… 😀🦁💻🎶 👯‍♀️🍾 🌅💚

Known for her smiles — and her desire to make them infectious — she has the heart of a lion, and is as fiercely protective of clients’ budgets as she is the Scriba pack. She also loves her job and isn’t afraid of hard work — so where would she be without her laptop? Katie is fuelled as much by music as much she is caffeine, as a recent blog will attest.

Away from her work family, Katie’s two girls are her world, but she’s queen of the social too. She’s at her most tranquil around water (should have been a mermaid) and the sun always helps! And finally, our founder and ‘Scriba mum’ genuinely believes the world would be a better place if we could work hard and be kind, which takes us right back to where we started!

Now, onto the team…

Ruth Harrison-Davies – 📣 💻🎧🥂🕵🏻‍♀️🤣🚴🏻‍♀️🔥

I’ve kicked things off with a megaphone, because you always know when I am around… I think I must have been off on the day primary school taught us about the art of being seen and not heard. Ironically though, when I’m behind the Scriba laptop (emoji number two), I like to stick my headphones on, completely zone out and blast some ‘epic fantasy/adventure music’, courtesy of Spotify. 

When I’m ‘off duty’, you’ll usually find me with a glass of Cava (cheap date), watching the latest ITV detective series (Vera Stanhope is my hero), or laughing until I feel as though I’ve done 1,000 sit-ups with my friends. This love of wine and sofa surfing means I have to drag my bum to a spin class (or some other tortuous group workout) in order to offset at least some of the #CavaCals. And finally, the fire emoji. It’s one of my most-used icons on text, as my phone book is filled with absolute scorchers. 

Amy Lloyd – 💃🐈👩‍🍳🍷🥘💑🏊‍♀️🌞

Only eight emojis was tough, but here we go… I love music and dancing – from Salsa to sixties and anything in between. Cats are the best animals ever, no exception. Cooking is one of my favourite pastimes – trying out new recipes at the weekend with Latin tunes on and a glass of red in hand is the way to live. Talking of wine, I’d choose a Ribera del Duero number or a refreshing ‘tinto de verano’ any day of the week. Having lived abroad in both Madrid and Seville, I adore all-things Spain and Mediterranean cuisine – and practising the lingo when I can. My family and friends are super important to me – making memories with these legends is what life’s about. When I’m not cooking or boxing shapes, I’m often found walking or swimming – keeping fit and healthy is good for the soul. And finally, who doesn’t love the sunshine? I’d say that overall I’m a positive person who tries to bring warmth and happiness to people – being kind is all you need to be.

Kirstie Wilson – 👩‍🦰🥾 📚 🐶 ☕ 🚐 🗻 💻

Unlike my colleagues, I found it difficult to choose eight emojis — it’s so hard to define the key parts of your life! However, I chose a red haired girl, because being ginger is a huge part of being me. I also love hiking and walking, so a boot had to make the cut. I’m an avid reader so, of course, a pile of books is a daily occurrence for me. I’m also obsessed with my Springer Spaniel, Toby — this emoji even looks like him! I’m a sucker for a good coffee so I had to include that. The van emoji represents, well… my van! Every other weekend you’ll find me away in the camper, so it’s definitely a significant part of my life. Following on from this, mountains are home to me. I feel most at peace when I’m within (or on) them. And lastly, a laptop to represent the work I do in PR and communications, which is integral to my personality. 

Hayley Paterson – 😁😂🥰👩‍🎨👩‍👩‍👦🐶 🍻⚽️

Right, where to begin with these?! Well, I’ve picked a few happy and positive emojis as my starting point as I like to think I bring a bit of a smile to colleagues’ faces when they need it the most. I’ve then opted for an artist-style icon as a spot of doodling is definitely something I love to do when I can – especially as I always fancied myself as being Nick Park’s apprentice… once upon a time!

Next up, I’ve selected some images that are truly close to my heart because – when I’m not at Scriba HQ – I’m more often than not chasing after my whirlwind of a toddler son and going on family walks with the pet pooch and my partner. Finally, I’m big into sport (especially football) and, although I’ve long hung up my boots having previously been an amateur left-sided midfielder, I’m very much enjoying the ‘armchair fan’ side of the beautiful game.

Jenny Gibson – ⭐️💕👏🏻✏️🍀👀⚽️🐩

Stars and love hearts are some of my favourite motifs – I choose them for jewellery and clothing and leave a twinkling trail of them across social media, too. The hand clap represents how we enjoy cheering each other on, as well as our business friends and family, at Scriba.

I carry pencils around with me at all times and make notes about anything and everything, hence the pencil. Some people favour apps or voice recordings but I doubt any such technology will ever replace the everyday pleasure of graphite on lined paper for me!  The shamrock is there because I feel lucky to be part of the Scriba team, plus my husband is from Belfast, and my children – who have Irish names – consider themselves to be Irish too, despite being firmly rooted in Yorkshire.

The peeping eyes are about how nosey I am. I was a journalist for 12 years and I always say this profession, and PR, is as much about curiosity as being a good writer. Finally, the football and the prancing poodle reflect my life away from work, when I’m often either taking my son to junior football or walking the dog.

Danni Butler – 🎨🧵🌞🌼🏝😎🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️

I feel like the eight emojis I’ve chosen sum me up pretty perfectly, and some even feature in my Instagram bio to help me write this blog!

To start things off, I’ve gone with some crafty icons. Even before all the lockdowns, I’d love spending a weekend trying my hand at little DIY projects; it all started as a running joke with my boyfriend’s mum each Christmas, on who could complete the most weird and wonderful craft project, but now I can’t get enough and have progressed to bigger projects, the latest being paint by numbers, embroidery kits, and cross stitching. My house is full of them!

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I’m a complete sun worshipper, which is why it’s only right that half of the emojis all relate to sunshine… those days in the car, off on an adventure with friends, with the radio blaring, window down and sunglasses on — perfect!

Last, but by no means least, is my love for exercise. In my spare time, if I’m not in the gym, I’m usually out for a walk, on a run down the canal or doing a HIIT workout in my living room. In my world… there’s no such thing as a rest day!

Alice Kelly – 🌞🎼🛫🚠🧀🍷📚🐺

I’m getting the ball rolling with an apt sunshine emoji, because whose day isn’t improved with a few rays? Secondly, I love music. Quietly streaming, nervously performing, energetically dancing, or enthusiastically attending a live show — it just makes me happy. And, as I share ‘DJ duty’ with my Scriba comrade, Ruth, it’s only right that this symbol made the cut. 

An aeroplane signifies my love of travel and adventure, and as soon as travelling is safe and permitted once more, you can bet you’ll see me firmly planted in my window seat — passport and prosecco in hand! One of my favourite ventures to date — and the reason for my next emoji — was my ski season in the French Alps. The freedom I feel when skiing is totally unparalleled and something I will always make the time (and budget) for! 

It will come as no surprise to people who know me that cheese and wine also feature here! And, as a proud word nerd, I also couldn’t resist including a stack of books in my lineup. When I’m not crafting content at Scriba HQ, I like to consume it in all it’s literary forms — from gothic fiction to classic romance and 21st century poetry. 

Finally, I’m a huge animal lover, and rather than going massively over on wordcount with every wildlife emoji under the sun, I thought I’d stick to my all time favourite, the wolf. 

Louise Jaggar – 🎉🎶💃🥂🤣👩‍👧‍👧🛬🦩

Summing yourself up in just eight emojs…this was truly difficult! But – with the help of the ‘frequently used’ icons on my phone – here goes.

I love to P-A-R-T-Y – socialising is definitely my bag. And what celebration is complete without my first two choices – music and dancing. I’ve danced since the age of three, so although I don’t need the next emoji to hit the dancefloor, it’s also a staple of a great night out. Yes, that’s prosecco.

I love to laugh, so this was an obvious choice. There is no better feeling than when both your cheeks and stomach muscles hurt from spending a hilarious time with friends – and the Scriba crew are always on hand to provide a good giggle!

Family is everything, and my two little girls are the absolute lights of my life. Following all the events of the last year, I appreciate what I have more than ever, and these two give me – when they’re not arguing like cat and dog! – so much joy.

What I’ve missed most during lockdown has been travelling – and I cannot wait to get back on a plane! And finally, I had to include a flamingo – I absolutely love them and my desk is adorned with various tributes to these pink legends!

Bethany Lunt – 😂🌞🌊🍕👗📔☕🤗

It only seemed right to start off with the emoji I use the most, the laughing face! I think everyone needs a daily dose of laughter and it’s something I definitely don’t go without when I’m at the Scriba HQ. 

The sun and the sea are two things I absolutely love, when I’m not working you can probably find me booking my next holiday or hopping on a plane! My favourite place is Italy, which is where the pizza emoji comes in, it really is a place like no other.

Although I’ve chosen to kickstart my career in comms, I couldn’t not pay an ode to my love for clothes and my degree in fashion, which I have recently completed…hurray!

The book signifies how much I love to read, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good novel with a brew in hand, which brings me on to the next emoji. A good cup of tea is essential if you ask me, and something I can’t start my day without.

Last but not least, we have my favourite emoji. It sums up how I feel about joining the Scriba squad and how lucky I am to have found a job I love!

Shona Stringer – 👪💗🌞💃🎼🏋⭐🧠

It was easy to choose my emojis, however using the power of words to sum myself up has been harder than expected. So here goes…

Family is everything to me, now I’m not just talking about my family at home. I also have my work family and I wouldn’t change them for the world – they’re fierce, inspiring and I couldn’t imagine life without them now.

The heart and sun, love and light, this is so me! Kindness is free, so sprinkle that stuff EVERYWHERE. I’ve always said ‘treat people as you would expect to be treated’, and be that little ray of sunshine in someone’s rain.

Music and dance goes without saying, I’m the girl that dances on the tables, I’m the girl that pretends she’s Baby in ‘Dirty Dancing’, and puts her headphones on, turns up the volume and dances like no one is watching.

I LOVE all things health and fitness, it’s my thing. Being a personal trainer as well as working at Scriba PR can be quite demanding, but I get to inspire and motivate so many amazing people.

My final two emojis, the brain and stars. I don’t mean these in a literal sense. I’m a dreamer, always deep in thought about how I can better myself and progress. If you have goals, go get them! Believe in yourself and aim high!

By, all of us.