Why I love doing PR for the tech sector

Why I love doing PR for the tech sector

Look anywhere around you and you’ll soon see that we’re surrounded by innovation.

When you first think about technological invention, you might visualise the television or recall the awful dial-up tone when you finally managed to get everyone off the phone so you could fire up MSN Messenger. The wonderous minds of Alan Turing, Bill Gates and even Elon Musk might be high up there too when you think about inventors, challengers, and disruptors.

But the reason I love tech so much is because it goes back way beyond what we might think – millions of years in fact. Because, rather ironically, when you do an online search for ‘earliest technology inventions’ you’ll see the creation of stone tools millions of years ago.

That’s because what innovation truly means to me is that it’s something created to solve a problem. By that I don’t necessarily mean shiny buttons, flashing lights, and bells and whistles, nor do I really want to sell my belongings to afford it because it comes complete with ‘Pro Max’ this and ‘Dual QHD’ that.

Yes, in many instances these solutions will answer some pain-points but if these innovations don’t move with the times and continue to reinvent themselves as our needs evolve, we’re then stuck with useless pieces of kit gathering dust in the attic.

For me, that’s what I love about technology, and why I adore writing about it for clients, because innovation can constantly change and challenge perceptions. One minute you think you’ve got everything wrapped up in one with the latest product you’ve recently bought online, then a disruptor comes along to spoil your retail therapy. The thing is too, the new kids on the block will most likely answer a problem you didn’t even know you had!

Never knowing what’s around the corner

To know that I’ve not discovered everything in life and can still be surprised by innovation and technology wizardry, brings me so much joy. Get it right and create things that will make a difference in my day-to-day, and you’ve got a long-lasting brand advocate in return.

So, when it comes to the part I play in tech PR, this sector is an instant draw for me. Be a fly on the wall in any new business meeting at Scriba HQ, and my ears will instantly prick at the first murmur of ‘technology’ and an opportunity to uncover and write about a client in this industry.

It comes down to a need to be challenged, which must’ve been from my journalism days. I remember being drawn to characters who gave me genuine answers and something different to a politician’s answer. And, I think, that’s what I want from the tech sector too.

So, while you say your solution is the ‘market-leading tool’, how is it? How will your innovation get the buy-in from me to be able to build trust with customers, the media, stakeholders and more?

Despite some perceptions of PR, a large part of my job is to in fact avoid the ‘fluff’ and dig for evidence that backs up what you’re saying. I want it to help me craft authentic word-of-mouth testimonials, structure insight-rich case studies and guides, create newsworthy hooks that reporters lap up, and ultimately answer customer pain-points to drive social media engagement.

That means I latch onto the disruptors who once had a random idea and developed it into a multi-million-pound solution – all from their parent’s garage. I love hearing about eco solutions that strengthen our planet, innovation that helps to eradicate deadly illnesses, and tools that make the world a friendlier place.

That’s the stuff I love to write and hear about in tech PR – something with a humanistic side to it that’s real, BS-free, and challenges the way we’ve always done things, and ultimately makes our lives better.

By Hayley