What’s PR looking like for 2018?

What’s PR looking like for 2018?

With less than two weeks to go before we enter 2018, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to look at the forecast for public relations in the new year.

There has never been a more exciting – time to be working in PR – and here’s why…

There is a growing professional status associated with the communications industry, as it’s now being recognised as a management discipline. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the sector in 2018, as it will mean it’s taken more seriously. We’re expecting to see more corporations acknowledging the importance of having an online presence, to help them to stand out in increasingly competitive markets.

The amount of people connected to the internet and social media is constantly extending, which is why organisations can benefit greatly from communicating in this public space. According to ICT Facts and Figures 2017, 4.3 billion people out of the world’s 7.6 billion population are now online. So, although this may seem like an obvious point to make, the value of an internet presence is often forgotten, and one that PR personnel in particular can really utilise in their daily communications.

Identifying audiences has never been simpler, thanks to social media analytics. Every click, like, share and comment on a post creates a huge amount of data. This can then be examined in order to unearth audience types, in turn providing marketing practitioners with valuable information that enables them to create specifically targeted content to specifically engage with them.

On the other hand, the media environment has become very cluttered, so it has never been more important to carefully craft a story which is consistent across various social platforms. Producing creative content lies at the heart of inspiring conversations, which then results in a brand becoming established and better-known.

Thanks to the dominance of fake news on social media, we are starting to witnessed a resurgence in mainstream and traditional media. Again, this is something that we’re expecting public relations professionals to make the most of in the new year.

When it comes to tech, advances in speech recognition, computer intelligence and voice control in devices are set to bring about a new wave of internet disintermediation, which also needs to be noticed and considered within the PR industry.

It is impossible to know exactly what will happen in the world of public relations in the upcoming months, and hopefully these predictions will offer some insight into what’s to come. It’s undeniable that there is a growing need for PR, which should result in a positive and productive year for agencies – it could even mean that 2018 is one of the highest-demanding years yet for this invaluable service!

By Paige