We’re up for a Prolific North award!

We’re up for a Prolific North award!

If you know any of us in the Scriba team, you’ll understand that a humble brag makes us weep into our coffees. However, on this occasion, we have some amazing news to share with you all!

Well, yes, the headline gives it away a little, but I’ll go for it anyway. Drum roll please…

Scriba PR has been shortlisted for a Prolific North Award in the ‘Small PR Agency of the Year’ category!

OK, that did admittedly feel a little good, but hopefully you’re as excited as us (and at least I refrained from using Caps Lock!)

The awards – which Scriba has been shortlisted, for the second successive year – celebrate excellence in business, as well as recognise and reward outstanding campaigns and exceptional talent in the creative media industries across the North.

We’re in a category alongside seven other firms – with fewer than 15 employees – who have demonstrated growth, retention of business, secured outstanding media coverage for clients, and overcome challenges in the past 12 months.

And, on that note – when it comes to triumphs over adversity, 2018 wasn’t exactly the most ordinary for us, shall we say.

The back-breaking work – I mean that literally too, following a quite horrific trip our word-nerd-in-chief Katie suffered a MONTH after giving birth – resulted in us recording our most profitable year to date, with turnover increasing by 22% (and up 132% compared to 2017).

Katie’s endeavour to tackle anything thrown at her (figuratively speaking) was truly remarkable as she continued to steer the Scriba ship towards success. She invested in operational enhancements, and brought in four stalwart storytellers in the shape of Amy Lloyd, Jenny Gibson, Luci Ownsworth and Ruth Harrison-Davies.

The team also landed 24 new business opportunities throughout the year, achieved thousands of pieces of coverage (totalling over 95 million in reach), secured Scriba’s largest retainer contract ever (hello DealTrak!), won an Eaton Smith business award, achieved 30 awards shortlists for clients, and this very section of the website was ranked in the top ten PR blogs by Feedspot.

While even a back break didn’t stop Katie either, she continued to honour a number of headlining requests including a Forward Ladies inspirational session, compering a 350-strong event for Cascade HR, and being a keynote speaker at the Greenhead College Awards.

You’ll know that the agency absolutely loves giving back too, and 2018 was no different. The Scriba squad held 14 pro bono sessions for young entrepreneurs, delivered free PR to a manufacturing association, and held a children’s storytelling competition – donating 250 books to schools.

Okay, there’s so much more I could say, but that’s enough of the trumpet-blowing because it’s making me uncomfortable.

And as much as the team is buzzing about this award nomination, the real incentive comes back to the amazing stories we get to tell about your successes.

So, thank you clients, supporters and well-wishers for coming along with us on the ride for the last six years!

Before I end this blog, may I offer a slight word of warning…

You might be seeing a few giddily-inspired social media snaps on Thursday, May 23rd, as we head to the Prolific North Awards ceremony in Manchester to find out if we’re bringing something shiny back across the Pennines to sunny Yorkshire!

Finally, many congratulations to everyone shortlisted – we’ll see you at the Victoria Warehouse for a Prosecco or two!

By Hayley