Volunteers’ Week – a year of Scriba giving

Volunteers’ Week – a year of Scriba giving

It’s been just over 12 months since Scriba PR included a day of paid leave per month to help a good cause as one of the many perks to life as a ‘word nerd’. And, in recognition of Volunteers’ Week 2021, we thought it was a great opportunity to see what the team has been doing with this valuable ‘extra’ time.

Igniting the spark of the ‘giving back’ initiative was our founder and MD, Katie Mallinson, who has volunteered for something every year since the age of 12 – a love which began with helping younger pupils with their reading, during her school years.

Katie explained: “I’ve done everything from dressing up in Dickensian gear for a cancer charity weekend event, to being a student union rep at university. Since setting up Scriba PR, this time has primarily been spent mentoring young people, as they shape their career paths and/or business journeys.

“It’s important to me that colleagues also have the freedom to volunteer via one day of paid leave per month. As a team, we also provide a corporate ‘donation’ of time/expertise to organisations that need it the most – for the past 12 months, that’s been the Yorkshire Children’s Centre.”

Working on the delivery of that retainer is junior account manager, Alice Kelly.

When we asked her what her role involves, in providing pro bono support to the local charity, she explained: “Each month, I complete a range of comms activity, from blogs and social, to press releases and features, even contacting individuals from its network of over 400 volunteers, to gain insight into why they each chose YCC to ‘give back’ to. Each person I speak to tells such positive tales of their own volunteering experience and it really warms the cockles every time.”

Sticking with the media-related volunteering theme, our newest team member, digital marketing executive Danielle Butler, continues to support the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) as an events ambassador – in order to support the organisation with regional activities.

She said: “I’m eager to help promote marketing development to those within Yorkshire and although it’s taken a bit of a backseat during the pandemic — and while I’ve been getting to grips with a career at Scriba PR — I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with some digital events we have planned.”

Of course, not every member of the team is solely focused on comms-related giving… I [senior account manager, Ruth Harrison-Davies] spend my eight hours a month giving something back to the NHS – which I’ve done long-before the pandemic.

This British institution has nursed so many people I love back to life – and been there to hold their hand when they have passed away. It’s so important to me to be able to say, ‘thank you’, and try to give something back, even if it is simply making a cup of tea.

My fellow senior account manager, Kirstie Wilson, agrees: “Giving back to my community is so important to me, and I’ve been involved in several initiatives in my area over the last few years – particularly during the pandemic, when I felt like it was vital to assist my local mutual aid group.

“I love that Scriba affords me the opportunity to give back one day a month, and I’m currently looking at getting involved in several projects – the issue is deciding on which of these worthy causes I should donate my time to!”

And finally, Hayley Paterson – who volunteers in her own right, by brightening up the Scriba chatter be it on WhatsApp, email, or around the water cooler – added: “I admire anyone who volunteers for a worthy cause as it’s this type of thinking that makes our world that little bit happier.

“I’ve previously done this as a fledgling sports reporter and it taught me so much about working in a team, moving out of your comfort zone, supporting people when they most need you, and also developing your own skill set. I learned a lot during this time and applaud all individuals for giving their own time to help others.”

Here’s to the next 12 months.

By Ruth.