Scriba and UNTHA - One Minute Brief

UNTHA UK sets a ‘One Minute Brief’

We’re no strangers when it comes to getting involved with the creative community that is One Minute Briefs, having worked on two of our own campaigns in 2020. But this time around – and to mark Global Recycling Day on March 18 – we got our long-standing client, UNTHA UK, involved in the fun.

As the UK’s leading provider of industrial shredders, and a well-respected voice within the environmental sector, UNTHA UK knows all-too-well the importance of raising awareness around the circular economy – and not just amongst their peers.

Although firmly a B2B brand, they are keen to engage our entire nation when it comes to understanding what can and can’t be recycled. And that they did. The campaign’s hashtag #WasteNotWantNot soon became the number one trending topic on Twitter!

Trending on Twitter 300x157 UNTHA UK sets a ‘One Minute Brief’

Out of a whopping 288 entries, it was virtually impossible to whittle the collection down to a shortlist of 25 – and even more so to pick an overall winner. In fact, we had to choose a top three in the end, as they were that good.

So, what was the brief?

We set the OMBLES the challenge of creating visuals to encourage people to think about what could happen if bulky ‘waste’ was properly recycled.

There’s no getting away from the perceived difficulties and costs associated with sending bulkier items for recycling, such as mattresses, old IT equipment and washing machines for recycling.

It’s this lack of education that leads to fly tipping. But, if these items are just ‘dumped’, a number of important materials are completely lost from the value chain. Locked within a mattress for instance, is metal, foam, and so much more that can be sent for recycling and reuse if the mattress is broken down and the component parts segregated. In an old laptop which is beyond repair there are various precious metals, plastic and so on.

In other words, materials that still have plenty of useful life left in them could simply go to waste if they are thrown away. This is unnecessarily costly, harmful to the environment, and means we have to use needless amounts of raw materials to make new stuff. Shred these bulky goods however, to liberate the valuable recyclables that would otherwise remain ‘stuck’ inside, and it’s possible to start their life all over again!

And this topic became mainstream conversation yesterday, because of the combined efforts of the OMB, Scriba, and UNTHA UK teams – not to mention the trust the client placed in us to run with the idea.

While we can’t share all of the (incredible) entries, have a scroll through the shortlist gallery below and let us know which ones resonate with you.

Thank you again UNTHA and OMBLES for such an excellent day. We salute you!

By Ruth.