The secret to a thriving workplace

The secret to a thriving workplace

Organisational culture is a hot topic nowadays – especially creating one that engages your team and promotes a healthy and thriving business. And working at Scriba, I have first-hand experience of being in an environment like this – it’s safe to say our MD, Katie Mallinson, has definitely managed to nail it!

There is nothing better than having a happy, ‘can do’ team – for the success of the company, as well as your own wellbeing – so here are some golden ‘rules’ to follow, to ensure you and your employees go home smiling at the end of every day…

High-five colleagues

One of the simplest, quickest and most important ways to make someone feel appreciated is to recognise and acknowledge the great work they are doing. Don’t wait for an annual review to ‘high-five’ an employee, do it right on the spot – whether verbally or via email – and it will instantly have a hugely positive effect.

Create a mission and stick with it

As a business owner or leader, it is your job to steer the direction of the brand’s mission, but don’t do this without the involvement of the rest of the team. It needs to be shared and understood by everyone to be successful, or you can risk people not investing in it – which will ultimately cause conflict.

One of our clients that does this fantastically is DealTrak. The firm has a scoring system, in which each colleague has the chance to share their voice on a matter and if they ‘buy into’ what’s been put forward. If someone doesn’t, they keep discussing the matter until it’s resolved and agreed by everyone.

Live by your values

If your team doesn’t know the firm’s vision, mission and cultural values, they’re not going to be able to live by them. Plaster them all over your walls if you have to, highlight employees who embrace them and make your business decisions based on them.

Listen to feedback and be adaptable

Empower employees to offer suggestions on how to improve their workplace – after all, keeping them happy will allow for a much more productive, engaged and loyal team. As part of this, you will also have to be open to change. It’s all well and good asking people to come forward with suggestions, but if you then don’t do anything to modify the environment they will become disheartened.

Introduce flexible space

If your office space allows it, try to incorporate private and open work areas. Sometimes people may need a quiet place to focus on a specific task, without the distraction from a radio or other colleagues. But others thrive on the energy created by buzz and chatter, so give your employees the option to choose which they’d prefer.

Similarly, offering flexible working can help with productivity. It means if someone needs to make the school run, or stay at home for a plumber, they can do that without missing out on anything. It also creates a trusting working environment.

Offer growth opportunities

The professional – as well as personal – development of an individual will help them to grow, and ultimately become better at their job. So, offering these opportunities to your team can have a huge impact on the success of your business and happiness of your workforce.

Katie is the perfect example of an MD who is fantastic at promoting learning and development for all our team. She not only provides us with recommendations on how to progress in our roles, but she is also very open to us putting forward our own suggestions.

An organisational culture is at the heart of any company, and a strong one keeps your employee retention rate high, as well as their productivity and overall job satisfaction.

By Paige