The Scriba soundtrack – volume 6

The Scriba soundtrack – volume 6

As Scriba celebrates its sixth anniversary, it’s unsurprising we want to mark the occasion with a blog! But instead of us just reeling off a list of highlights, I’ve combined two things I love – words and music – and compiled a playlist that provides the (slightly sarcastic) soundtrack to our last half a dozen years in business.

So sit back, scroll and enjoy the tunes (and please don’t judge – some are merely for comedy value. I hope you’ll have both laughed and cried by the end!)


When I took the leap and started flying solo.

Encore / Numb

Particularly because of the line:

“…By becoming this all I want to do, is be more like me and be less like you!”

(If you know, you know)

Keep on moving

A major health blip in the first 12 months wasn’t what I’d planned for, but in the wonderfully cheesy words of 5ive:

“…Gotta keep on, keep on trying!”

Feeling good

Back on my feet, enough said.

Sir Duke

Grand old duke of York, who came to Huddersfield to present us with an entrepreneurism award!

Everybody (Backstreet’s back)

This track pays homage to my longest-serving wingman and first permanent employee Louise, who – only two weeks into being with Scriba – joined me and eight guests for a night to remember at the CIPR awards. Here, she treated us to a fully-choreographed routine of this 90s classic.

Never let you go

This song represents what is still one of my favourite pieces of coverage for a client, who will remain nameless because they rang me on holiday! As a result, I secured a whopper feature for them from the fields of a festival. Rudimental was the band I saw next and this song seems pretty fitting:

“…all you gotta do is call me!”


In truth, I probably use this word once a week – I honestly just thought I was going to be a freelancer!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We couldn’t reflect on six years of Scriba without a shout out to the wonderful Natasha McCreesh from PiP To Grow Strong. We’ve continued to invest in her mentoring advice, wellbeing support and all-round wonderfulness, as the company has evolved.

Wrecking ball

In 2017 we set ourselves the challenge of getting back into the demolition sector – one of my first PR ‘loves’. We were delighted when we were appointed by global decommissioning consultancy, RVA Group, only a few months into the year.

One day like this

The arrival of the first Scriba baby! I don’t want a baby every year, as the song lyrics may suggest, but it was definitely my most special day yet.

She’s a star

Last year we introduced the Scriba Star Scheme – a monthly treat for a colleague who has gone the extra mile, as voted for by staff.

Rhythm is a dancer

OK, this song is more about the artist – Snap! Last year’s little incident definitely wasn’t in our 2018 plan. But the team maintained Scriba’s rhythm, no problem at all, while I was temporarily out of action.

Blinded by your grace

In Autumn 2018, our self-confessed member of the god squad Ruth joined our team. I didn’t want to go all-out-hymn, but this tune is a bit soulful so it’s dedicated to her!

Around the world

This year we scooped additional contracts with our longest-standing client UNTHA, meaning we now represent their brand throughout Europe, Australia and America. We’re so proud to have been on board with UNTHA UK for 10 years!

Higher & Higher

We’ve just signed up for our newest office – the biggest Scriba space yet – in the loft of our beautiful mill.

(And to be honest I just love this song!)

Can’t hold us

We’ve got a monster team in place now, and this song title sums up how much I think we can achieve together.

(2 Unlimited’s No Limit was also a contender, but half of the Scriba team probably have no idea what this song is!)


One of the most beautiful songs ever (especially if you love Man On Fire), I still stand by the fact that you can get further in business by being nice to people. Course, you need some substance too, but I certainly love working with decent human beings and don’t plan on stopping smiling any time soon.

(If you listen to just one song from this soundtrack, make it this one – it’s blinking lovely!)

Please note: Not all lyrics apply to life at Scriba, for example I’ve never actually swung on a wrecking ball!