Work Experience

The importance of work experience

Coming into Scriba PR I had a partly informed, yet really rather vague idea of what to expect (thanks to my own curiosity and slight apprehension). However, any doubts or fears I had of working with the team disappeared rapidly from the moment I walked in. Receiving the incredibly warm welcome that I did made me feel confident and inspired from the very start – a feeling which never left me over the course of the five days I have spent here. The environment in the office is one of consistent positivity, enthusiasm and hard work, which I found extremely contagious as the week flew by.

As a student in the process of finding universities and planning my future, the past five days have been vital in my understanding of the world of business. It’s safe for me to say that the time I have spent listening in on meetings, learning about social media presence, trawling for features and researching a variety of companies, has been invaluable. My already strong interest in business has only been reinforced over the course of my week with Scriba, and the constant availability of help and support meant I have never felt as though I couldn’t do anything. This has definitely given me a new perspective on what work experience actually does, and how beneficial it is.

Being honest, I always associated work experience with being thrown into an environment I didn’t understand, but I would say that this experience has proven me wrong and has been the best decision I’ve made for myself.  Talking to clients, seeing how problems can appear and be resolved, learning new skills and seeing the importance of team-work in a genuine environment, are things I will take with me and practice in the future.  The diversity of tasks meant I have been constantly motivated to remain productive, which I realised was a common characteristic amongst everyone working around me, and has instilled a new sense of work ethic.

Seeing the success of the business and understanding the work involved has allowed me to further my knowledge of how businesses grow. Getting to experience how Scriba works with its clients has also given me an insight into what a successful relationship can do for a business, no matter the size. Scriba may be small but it has provided me with a huge amount of ideas and skills that I know will be beneficial for me in my future ventures and will assist me through the rest of my working life.


By Tia