Stay strong and keep talking

Stay strong and keep talking

Please remember your voice during this horrid period we find ourselves in.

Now, more than ever, is the time to communicate, with colleagues, peers, partners and customers – don’t go quiet, even if you don’t have all the answers.

As a ‘word nerd’ and owner of a PR company, I know what you’re thinking – of course I’m going to say comms is important. But it is, regardless of whether you pay an agency to do it or fly solo.

If you go silent on colleagues, their morale drops while anxieties rise, standards might slip, and camaraderie will inevitably take a hit too.

By the same token, if you go silent on your customers (current and potential), their confidence wavers, demand may drop, and your market presence could plummet. That share of voice you’ve worked so hard to build? The prognosis perhaps isn’t great.

I could go on.

I’m not suggesting talking for the sake of it of course. Now’s not the time to pretend we’re experts in everything – you’re not expected to have the answers to this COVID-19 nightmare. You don’t need to publish a critique of government efforts.

But you can focus on your brand values and ensure you exemplify them as much as possible, as we travel down this rocky road.

If you usually talk about being innovative, demonstrate it. This is what will be remembered when the virus is a distant memory.

If you profess to prioritise your people above all else, keep talking to them. You’ll need them when this is over.

Your comms priorities may have changed, along with your budgets. But don’t go silent, not when so much great tech exists to help us maintain our voice, wherever we – or our workforces – may be.

Don’t worry about short term performance marketing either. Amidst so much uncertainty, this must be about the long game.

It’s easy to write all this of course, but how easy is it to live and breathe it? Truth be told, I’m scared too. And I can’t imagine the hurt for everyone already affected on an indescribable scale.

But even if it’s turning to a peer to try and share ideas to cope – even when you don’t know all the right words to say – surely, it’s worth it?

Stay strong. Keep talking.

By Katie.