Scriba 7th birthday

Seven words to sum up seven years

Last week, the lovely Hayley took a trip down memory lane, looking at the biggest achievements of Scriba’s seventh year in business.

From starting off the year with an office move – to accommodate our ever-growing team of word nerds – to welcoming little Livi Belle into the world and winning the ‘Creative Impact’ award at the local Huddersfield Examiner awards, the last 12 months have been, what we’d call, a whopper!

But, it’s not just the previous 365 days which have been filled with happy moments, exciting projects and award wins – no, sir!

So, I’ve been tasked with summing up the seven-year journey thus far, in just seven words – giving a flavour of what it’s been like to be part of the Scriba team during this time.

Yes, we’re going to be blowing our own trumpet again (just a little), but it’s our birthday, so we think we’re allowed on this occasion. Cheers!

  1. Graft

Those of you who know the Scriba back-story are aware that chief word nerd Katie Mallinson set up the company on the flip of a coin in 2013. And, from the very day she decided to embark on the adventure, there’s been a bucket-load of hard work that’s gone into making the business the success it is today.

At the heart of this accomplishment is sheer hard work and dedication. The Scriba team is no stranger to unwavering graft and attention to detail, so no matter if it’s a press release, industry comment, webinar script or lunch order from the local deli, we always put 110% into everything we do.

It could be the ‘grit’ from our Yorkshire roots, or maybe it’s something in our office coffee, but the fire in our bellies is a fierce one and something which drives us to always go above and beyond – not just for our clients, but for our team too.

  1. Tenacity

In tandem with our strong work ethic, we’re a bit – lot! – of an organised and ambitious bunch.

From following our holy WIP (work in progress) documents each month – looking at what’s on the radar for our clients – to regularly checking in with journalists to see what’s coming up in the media, we’re always ‘switched on’.

Not a day goes by that we don’t strive to get the most out of every PR opportunity, and this commitment to the cause has seen us bag national coverage for our clients in the BBC, Financial Times and The Telegraph – to name just a few.

Yet, no matter whether the team has comprised of one, two or 10 word nerds, there’s always the same resolute level of drive to achieve the best possible results for our clients – you could say that it’s in our soul. Speaking of which…

  1. Soul

You might hear this word banded about a lot by the Scriba crew – we rather like it – and that’s because it perfectly encapsulates what ‘we’re all about’. In truth, it’s one key component Katie wanted to create and retain within the company, no matter how much it grew.

From all the pro-bono charity work the team has carried out over the years – for causes such as Thrombosis UK, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Maisie Catt from Mirfield – to the one day off per month allocated for volunteering, it’s no secret that we’re a team that likes to give back.

In fact, we like to inject a little bit of Scriba spirit in everything we do. Just like when, one Christmas, we sent all our clients childhood board games for a bit of yuletide nostalgia, or the night we hosted a charity ‘Drink and Think Again’ night for local community organisation, Conscious Youth.

But, this soul also extends into the activities we’ve done and continue to do as a team. Our quarterly ‘away days’ allow us to regroup and dedicate the day to Scriba – whether that’s learning new skills, planning our next event, or looking at the company strategy. That, and sessions with our business mentor Natasha McCreesh, help to eke out our strengths and show us the part we play within the bigger Scriba picture.

  1. Bold

Our boldness can be traced right back to the start of the Scriba adventure – and it’s something Katie and the rest of the team are super proud of.

We’re bold in what we stand for as an organisation and don’t deviate from this. That means we each have a genuine, ‘geeky’ passion for all things recycling, engineering, construction and tech, to help niche and complex B2B firms tell their stories to the media.

Also, at no point in our existence have we ever been ‘yes-men’ – if our clients have an idea we don’t think will work, we’re honest and explain our rationale. For an ‘easy life’, some agencies may let the water pass under the bridge and run with it, but we’ll offer our opinion and help to devise an alternative.

  1. Family

This word means a lot to us all here at Scriba, and it sums up a multitude of moments throughout the years.

We won’t get all cheesy on you (we camembert that!) but our team of word nerds is like a little family. While we are growing and welcoming new team members all the time, we all share the same sentiments that Scriba is far more than ‘just work,’ it’s where we spend time with our friends.

With numerous away days under our belt, lots of brainstorming sessions, a handful of escape rooms, a heavy dose of mid-week socials, a trip to the Lake District and at least 500 glasses of fizz, you’d like to think that we know one another pretty well by now.

And while we might be a work family, we also like to include everyone’s ‘home’ families in our shenanigans too – and, of course, food is always involved!

  1. Unique

Just like each year of Scriba has been different regarding the achievements and challenges we’ve experienced, we also pride ourselves on being super unique in the make-up of our team.

We’re open and honest about the fact that none of us have an ‘official’ PR background – and we believe this is something to be celebrated, not feared.

For instance, we have a few members of the squad with career credentials in journalism, English language, foreign languages and law, to name a few, but everyone shares a common love of the written word and communications.

  1. Award-winning

Okay, so we’re getting both the drum and the trumpet out for this one… But if a birthday isn’t a time to celebrate your successes and milestones, we don’t know what is.

Over the years, we’ve won and been shortlisted for a number of accolades – regional, trade and national – which, of course, is extremely rewarding for the entire team.

From Katie scooping up the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ ‘Outstanding Young Communicator’ at the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire PRide Awards, to being shortlisted for PR Moment’s ‘B2B Agency of the Year’ and ‘B2B Campaign of the Year’ just this year, it’s been a fantastic seven years of achievements and recognition.

And while we don’t need an award win to evidence the hard graft the team puts in each and every week, it’s nice when we can all get our glad-rags on and raise a glass (or two), to celebrate and let our hair down.

So, while there are one-million-and-one other words – such as ‘food’ and ‘gin’ – we could use to sum up Scriba, these are just a septet of the best from the past years. And what a seven it’s been – here’s to many, many more!

By Amy