Seven ways that Scriba has shown soul

Seven ways that Scriba has shown soul

Over the course of the month of June, the team has been highlighting the seventh birthday of Scriba PR through a variety of quirky musings.

In this latest blog, I’m taking a look at seven ways in which our Lindley-based PR company has shown true soul – and long may it continue!

Happy birthday to us 😊

  1. Fundraising efforts

Raising money for charity is nothing new. In fact, it has become more common over the years – with the introduction of so many initiatives including the ‘Race for Life’ and the dawning of JustGiving pages. Nowadays, if you’re climbing a mountain, there’s usually a worthy charity that is going to benefit from your actions.

For many years, our MD Katie has raised money for a charity close to her heart, Thrombosis UK. Events arranged have included a football tournament for local amateur players, a social campaign where people gave their ‘three thanks for Thrombosis’ when donating, and the first of our ‘Drink & Think’ quiz nights – getting clients, friends and colleagues of Scriba together for an evening of beef sandwiches and brain-bending!

And it hasn’t stopped there. Other worthy causes – such as local community interest company Conscious Youth and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance – have benefited from the team’s expertise and various events held. And since March of this year, every colleague can take a day out of the office to volunteer for a charity of their choice.

We haven’t planned an annual ‘physical’ charity night for 2020 – due to COVID-19 – but we plan to get our organisational hats on again as soon as we can… watch this space!

  1. ‘Away’ days

Once a quarter, the Scriba team pop on our Out Of Office notifications, divert the phone, and leave our desks for a day of all things ‘us’.

We’ve found ourselves in a variety of locations over the years – from ‘The Venue’ at leafy Storthes Hall to ‘The Tetley’ in central Leeds – and always come away from such days feeling reenergised and ready to rock!

Katie firmly believes that taking a look at ourselves – including our individual strengths and weaknesses as well as team needs and wants – is vital to maintaining the superior service of PR that we offer to clients.

We get a chance to sit back, brainstorm, laugh, cry – and eat cake! Kudos to our leader for ensuring these go ahead without fail, and, despite lockdown we’ve held our latest ‘away day’ just this month, albeit with half of us at home.

  1. Scriba socials

A couple of years ago, as the team grew, Katie decided that – although we regularly arranged ad hoc team nights out – it would be a good idea to have a regular ‘Scriba social’. So once a month, one of the team picks where the next event will be, and Katie provides us with a sum of money to put towards the night. To save on attempting to co-ordinate everyone’s diaries – and tastes! – a date and activity is picked, a calendar invite sent, and those who can and want to attend, do.

Over the months we’ve visited bingo halls, stuffed our faces at Pizza Express – and done the odd escape room experience together. These regular socials really give us a chance to gel out of work, have a laugh and just enjoy being a team.

We’ve adapted these for lockdown, with regular team quizzes – some with our client Vapour Cloud – taking place via Zoom, as well as getting together for a virtual drink. Admittedly, we do miss each other’s faces!

  1. Scriba Star Scheme

Another of Katie’s great ideas – again launched around two years ago – is the’ Scriba Star Scheme’. Every month, during our regular end of month meeting, we spend around half a day planning our clients’ activity for the next few weeks – between lashings of tea and a take-out lunch provided by ‘the boss’.

It is at this meeting that the latest victor is revealed. Every month, each team member votes for their contender for the prize. We each do this anonymously, stating the name of the person we want to say thanks to and – most importantly – why.

You don’t just receive this accolade – an ACTUAL gold star that sits on your desk – for simply doing your job. Instead, it is awarded to the team player who has gone over and above their role that month. This could be by taking on something completely out of their comfort zone, onboarding a new client, or for going out of their way to help a colleague.

The winner not only keeps the star for the month, but is also awarded with a free breakfast at our on-site Heritage Exchange deli – yes, we’ve had to pause that for a bit unfortunately. At the end of the year, the person with the most votes overall wins an overnight stay – last year account manager Hayley stayed at the beautiful Carwinley Retreat in Cumbria.

It’s another way that the ‘Scriba soul’ shines through.

  1. Christmas!

Okay, so I know that it’s the middle of June, and this time of year shouldn’t even be on the radar yet – but let’s face it, when we start to see some normality in this country again it will probably be in the lead up to this epic time of year (yes, I’m a  big fan!)

Christmas at Scriba has been nothing short of brilliant for every year that I’ve been a part of it. As a team, socially, we’ve done escape rooms in Manchester, enjoyed limousine rides in Sheffield – and even had a shopping spree treat in York! Every single year we do something different – and so personal to us as a team – that it is always the icing on top of another fantastic year of hard work and PR efforts.

There are always treats and surprises in store – and once more, it’s a thank you from Katie in the nicest way possible.

Clients also get to experience Scriba’s ‘Christmas cheer’, as we like to be a bit different when it comes to presents. In the past we have driven around the UK and delivered large personalised pork pies to clients. Another favourite was when we sent out gifts of nostalgic board games – including Kerplunk and Hungry Hippos – and clients tweeted their #ScribaGameFaces on social media.

There’s one thing, yuletide is never dull when we get our thinking caps on – and our friends of the business certainly love getting the personal touch from a team who, more often than not, speak to them on an almost daily basis!

  1. The office

We’re now in our fourth space since being established– on the top floor of the converted mill, Heritage Exchange, in Lindley. Not many people enter our office for the first time without a few murmurs of approval.

It’s light, bright, airy – and it just screams Scriba. From the flowers and plants on desks, to the bright bean bags in the ‘quiet room’ and the huge typewriter graphic on the wall – supplied by our client, Leach – it’s a place that is full of soul.

Every office we have had has had the Scriba stamp, but now we have our biggest space yet and have been able to influence this even more. It’s a welcoming place for clients to work from, has views over Huddersfield that lend themselves to taking in the countryside for inspiration when writing, and just feels like our ‘home’.

When lockdown is over, if you haven’t already – swing by for a cuppa!

  1. Family vibes

Cheesy as this may sound, this is what we are – a family of word nerds. We each hold a range of differing strengths and abilities but strive for an underlying common goal – to do PR differently.

Every single person in the team has been recruited following a personal process – and based on instinct. We know who fits with our ethos and other team members. We aren’t looking for carbon copies, only others who show the same grit and determination to become a piece of the Scriba jigsaw.

And as we keep on growing, this family just grows stronger – along with our soul. Here’s to the next seven years…

By Louise