Scriba soul sessions, Louise Jaggar

Scriba’s soul sessions… Louise Jaggar

The Scriba team is well-known for our way with words, but we also make it our mission to really get to know the people we work alongside – be it colleagues or clients. So, we asked each member of the team to suggest one thing they’d love to know about their colleagues, and adopted the format for our 2021 Q&A.

This month, we’re finding out a little more about operations manager, Louise Jaggar. Discover more about this cake-loving mum of two, why she loves a good holiday, and how she would describe Scriba to others…

You unexpectedly inherit £1,000 from a distant relative – what do you spend the money on?

Without a doubt, I’d put it towards a holiday with my two children. One of the main things I’ve missed during the last 12 months is breaks away – I live for the quality time I spend with my family on such occasions. And it doesn’t have to be abroad – my girls have requested to go glamping this year in the UK, which could be interesting…!

What’s your most-used emoji?

😂 – I love to laugh, whether in person or over messages. Nothing beats chats with friends – even virtual – where you end up crying with laughter. It’s good for the soul.

Which country is at the top of your ‘must-visit’ list?

Australia is a place I have always dreamed of visiting, but it’s a bit far right now, with two young children. Italy is somewhere that I would love to explore in more depth – I visited Venice as a child and have been on a day trip to Rome as part of a Mediterranean cruise, but there is much more to see! Now I’m a bit more ‘into’ wine, visiting some of the beautiful vineyards is certainly a draw…

Which member of F.R.I.E.N.D.S do you identify with the most? And the least?

I’m probably most like Monica as I love to plan and organise everything to the nth degree – but I think I’m actually much more chilled out than she is! I think I’m least like Ross – he’s a bit soft!

You’ve been given a really short deadline to create a large piece of content for a client, what’s your go-to Spotify playlist?

This wouldn’t usually apply to my role, but if I really need to get my head down and concentrate I have to listen to spa music! If it’s anything with words I always feel the need to sing along – or even dance!

If you could implement one rule in the workplace, what would it be and why?

This is such a tough question!

It’s not a ‘rule’ but it’s something that we already say – be honest with each other and if issues ever need to be raised, do so, then get over it and move on, don’t dwell. Positivity is a nice vibe to have overall.

And on Fridays, eat cake!

What’s your favourite productivity trick?

I like to group my tasks over the week into sections. This is based on activities that I carry out for certain clients, so I try to work on one account at a time, rather than flitting between them and causing myself more stress.

Much of my role involves in-house/HR/invoicing tasks, so I like to set aside separate chunks of time to get through these – for me it’s all about tackling one topic at a time! And drink lots of coffee!

What attributes do you look for in a desk-buddy?

Someone who can read a room – I’m all for chats and a good laugh at the right time but if I’m working something out or really need to concentrate, I like to be left alone. For the record, I’m very happy with my current desk mates, Kirstie and Jenny!

Describe a defining moment in your career

The easiest question to answer – the day I met Katie Mallinson.

Coming from a legal background and a degree in law, when I first met Katie for a coffee to discuss the potential part-time PR assistant role that was advertised, who knew it would become what it has? Seriously a life-changing moment, and I thank my lucky stars every day for that.

How would you describe Scriba to a relative?

A workplace like no other with a boss who truly cares about each and every one of her staff, as well as all the clients. Made up of a group of fierce, talented and fun set of individuals who make Scriba the agency it is – the best B2B technical comms specialist going!