Scriba’s PR blog has been voted third best in the UK, and here’s why

Scriba’s PR blog has been voted third best in the UK, and here’s why

We love our Scriba PR blog, and we know that our loyal followers and regular readers do too. Now it seems we’ve caught some wider attention – from the people at Feedspot, who compiled this rundown of the top 10 PR blogs in the UK.

PR Week, the leading trade magazine for our industry – with its razor-sharp reporting and informed analysis – is in the top spot, as you might imagine. And at number three … drum roll, please … we’re absolutely delighted to be bronze to its gold.

That puts Scriba above thousands of other consultancies, many of whom are much bigger and longer-established than us.

What a great excuse to blow our own trumpet, big ourselves up and simply SHOW OFF, if there ever was one. So, what makes our blog stand out – and, more importantly, how could you add a little Scriba sparkle to yours?

We’re a team

Many blogs are authored by one, hard-working person. But all of us at Scriba take turns to share our thoughts and expertise. Readers get to hear from different voices and the content is stronger because we all have different insight to share. Amy has some sage advice about what not to say in your PR materials, for example, whereas Hayley can offer good ideas for overcoming writer’s block.

Every so often, we also call on a little help from our friends – such as Punch Creative, our go-to guys for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), who contributed a guide for businesses, and our lifestyle guru, Natasha McCreesh, who wrote about workplace wellbeing.

Could you enlist some buddies to lighten the load of keeping your business blog updated – and broaden its appeal along the way?

We make ourselves useful

Did you notice that all the blog posts mentioned above are centred on topics that are handy to know about – and probably still to be explored – by an average business that’s likely to want to call on the services of Scriba?

You wouldn’t read our blog if we simply gave you a sales pitch every time – or even occasionally – would you? We’d never want to do that. It’s our aim to introduce you to our world by sharing useful stuff that could help your business grow and prosper. Here, have it for free – there’s plenty to go around.

Being generous is very important in blogging – keeping your cards close to your chest will give you absolutely nothing to write about.

We vary things

Having said all that, not everything we post is a guide on how to do things better, be that managing media matters or writing for the web. We mix things up with stories and anecdotes, question-and-answer pieces and chatty, informal reports of our travels and adventures.

That could be sharing what we learned at conferences and workshops like Marketing Show North and Social Media for Business in Leeds – or just showing you the festive wreaths we made that time in the office, because we were so proud of our crafty efforts!

What’s been going on with you that you could tell people about? We bet you can think of all sorts, if you put your mind to it.

We let you know we’re not robots

People often think that in business they must be very straight-laced and formal. We at Scriba, however, love to offer a glimpse of our personalities.

We’re not robots – and telling you a bit about ourselves, from time to time, is not only fun for us, but it helps to foster connections and common interests with our work friends and associates.

Everyone has stories to tell about their formative forays into employment, for example, and Luci was no exception in our regular slot My First Job, charting her journey from paper rounds to play gyms, before she found her calling in PR.

You might talk to our operations manager, Louise, weekly about invoices and accounts – and never know she had to try really hard to learn how to spell ‘blancmange’, were it not for her One Word Wonder blog post.

Our advice is to be yourself when blogging. Everyone else is already taken, as Oscar Wilde would say, if he was advising SMEs on their PR goals.

We do this sort of thing a lot

The final reason why Scriba’s PR blog is a good read is because we all get a lot of practice in. Working with our wonderful and very varied clients on their own blogs, among many other marketing tools, is the bread and butter of our business.

So, it stands to reason that we do a decent job – solid bronze, in fact!

By Jenny