Scriba’s One Word Wonder

Scriba’s One Word Wonder

Friends of Scriba will know that we’re big fans of the English Language! Why? Because you could be faced with an undeniably tough question, for example, but if you think carefully, you might need only a single word to answer it!

This was actually the very idea behind our latest blog series – One Word Wonder. 10 questions, 10 seconds to answer each, and 10 resulting words, dedicated to that person in the hot seat. OK, the questions aren’t exactly Mastermind standard. Nor will they cause anyone any sleepless nights. But they may just give you a sneak peek into what’s going on inside that person’s own little vocab!

Next up it’s Abbie Coleman, Editor at MMB Magazine.

What is the one word you wish people would use to describe you? Friend

What is there too much of in the world? Throttlebottom – I heard the term the other day and it made me realise we have far too much of it.

And not enough… Gin!

Which word do you remember struggling to spell? Ironically as a dyslexic I struggle to spell the word dyslexic.

Which word is being used to death at the moment? Negotiate – too often people offer their product or service for a lower price without getting anything in return.

Pick a word that symbolises Yorkshire, Scriba’s home county… home – I wasn’t born and bred here, but I have made it that through my family and business.

Your favourite single-word song title… Songbird – it holds dear memories of my wedding day.

A word you can’t believe is in the dictionary… Worstest!

A word you still don’t truly understand the definition of… If I’m honest most of them, and I’m sure I’ve made a few up.

And your favourite word of all time? Mummy – there is nothing like hearing your child say it.