Scriba’s One Word Wonder

Scriba’s One Word Wonder

Friends of Scriba will know that we’re big fans of the English language! Why? Because you could be faced with an undeniably tough question. But if you think carefully, you might need only a single word to answer it!

So, in this blog series we have 10 questions, 10 seconds to answer each, and 10 resulting words – dedicated to the person in the hotseat. Next up, its Lorna Stellakis, MD at Lancaster-based IT firm, Q2Q.

What is the one word you wish people would use to describe you?

Consistent. It’s my most important leadership word, alongside trust, but being described as consistent means a lot to me – and indicates that my team have faith in me.

 What is there too much of in the world?

Comparison – it’s the thief of joy!

 And not enough…

Appreciation – it takes so little effort to thank people or give them some positive feedback.

Which word do you remember struggling to spell?

Necessary!  I still say “never eat cake, eat salmon sandwiches and remain young” every time I type it, I’ve no idea where that came from.

Which word is being used to death at the moment?

Motivation! In the context of it being something you can learn or develop by reading a blog, book, or scrolling through Instagram. I don’t believe in this as a concept, as people don’t ‘lose motivation’, they simply fail to establish a process that works for them when trying to achieve a goal. Controversial maybe, but that’s my belief.

Pick a word that symbolises Yorkshire, Scriba’s home county.

Sadly, I don’t know it that well, so I am going to say ‘tea’ as I always drink Yorkshire Tea!

Your favourite single-word song title?

Footloose… it gets me dancing every time!

A word you can’t believe is in the dictionary

Bumfuzzle! It means ‘to confuse someone,’ apparently – and isn’t referring to someone’s furry rear end!

A word you still don’t truly understand the definition of…

Entrée (on a menu). To me it sounds like the start of something, but it’s actually the main course, so this never makes sense to me!

And your favourite word of all time?