Scriba Strengths – Paige Catton

Scriba Strengths – Paige Catton

We often pay more attention to the things we’re not good at and dwell on them, rather than where we excel – I know I’m guilty of this.

But Scriba takes a slightly different approach, in that as soon as we join the company, we’re tasked with identifying our top five strengths, using Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder book.

Every single person has different personality traits – that’s what makes the world so interesting – but we also share some too which, in a business environment, can be the key to working together successfully.

So, following on from my colleague, Amy Lloyd, here are my top skills…


I’m in a majority of one here – at least, in Scriba terms – and it’s my top strength.

It means I like people to be treated the same – no matter their station in life – and I don’t like seeing someone having an unfair advantage over another person. In a world full of ‘special favours’, I believe we function best in a consistent environment, with clear rules that apply to everyone equally.

In short: I’m fair. Which is something I’m really proud of.


For me, discipline summed me up perfectly.

Sharing this trait with our chief organiser, Louise Jaggar, our ‘worlds need to be predictable, organised and planned.’

Yes, this sounds a little straight-laced and not very exciting, but in a work and education environment it’s what gets me through a humongous project. I enjoy breaking things down into smaller tasks, so that I can ‘work through each plan diligently.’

Lists help me through life and to organise the wealth of information whizzing around in my brain.


Another strength that’s unique to me, and the one that surprised me the most – at first.

I saw this word and couldn’t place how it linked to me as a person. But, I read on and soon realised I resonated with it all.

Described as ‘the kind of person who loves to peer over the horizon and see in detail what the future might hold’, the ‘picture keeps pulling me forward, into tomorrow.’

As much as I love to live for the here and now, the future does fascinate and excite me more than anything – where I will be in the world, what I will have achieved and who I will be with? It’s not that I have my life mapped out and I have a ‘plan’, but I know where I want to be and can’t wait to get there.


This strength is the third one that is individual to me – there is a theme here – and means exactly what it says on the tin. I like to include people and make them feel part of the group, without casting judgment on who that person is.

I’m particularly proud of this one, because I do believe we are all equally important.


Who doesn’t love someone who is ‘generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the positive in a situation’? And, I share this trait again, with Louise.

Our enthusiasm is contagious, which means people like to be around us. We make work fun and no matter the setbacks, we believe you must never lose your sense of humour – something I think is incredibly important!

It seems I’m the ‘odd one out’ at Scriba, in that I have the most strengths that are unique to just me. I don’t mean this in a negative way. I simply fill the gaps and can help out in a situation where someone else may struggle.

So, that’s me, Paige Catton, in five simple strengths.