Scriba strengths – Luci Ownsworth

Scriba strengths – Luci Ownsworth

Here at Scriba HQ, we’re lucky that our personal and professional development is paramount – you’ll be amazed by the vast skillset we have within our team of eight!

And, when every new ‘word nerd’ enters the Scriba office, we are gifted with a copy of Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder1 300x225 Scriba strengths – Luci Ownsworth book – identifying our top five personality traits through an online test.

The team has also recently discovered that collectively, we have 21 out of the possible 34 on offer – some are shared with colleagues, and others are unique to us as individuals.

We’ve also studied how we’re able to work alongside the different strengths within the team, and why they can compliment one another.

So, following on from my colleague, Ruth Harrison-Davies, here are my top skills…


2 300x200 Scriba strengths – Luci OwnsworthIt didn’t come as a shock to realise that my biggest personality trait was ‘learner’ – one that I also share with our MD, Katie Mallinson.

The first line to describe this is ‘you love to learn’, which couldn’t be more true! I enjoy sitting and soaking up as much knowledge as possible – a bit like a sponge. The whole process of educating myself is exciting, much more than the result itself.

It has been noted that I have a hunger for acquiring new information, which can be seen throughout my day-to-day activities within the office – whether reading magazines or drafting social posts for one of our technical clients.

Input3 300x200 Scriba strengths – Luci Ownsworth

My second skill is once again shared with Scriba’s leader, Katie.

The first three words stood out the most to me and further emphasised my hunger to learn – ‘you are inquisitive’.

Understanding how I can use this skill within my everyday activities was clear when I continued to read – ‘You might collect information – words, facts, books and quotations’. You only have to look at my desk and see my own training manual to know this sums me up perfectly – I like to have these things on hand for when I next need them!


4 300x200 Scriba strengths – Luci OwnsworthI’ll hold my hands up and admit I was a nerd in school. I enjoyed all of my lessons, which branded me as a ‘teacher’s pet’, but this motivated me to work even harder and be the best I could be – driving my own intellectual limits.

‘You have an internal fire burning inside of you. It pushes you to do more, to achieve more’. I’m determined to understand something new – whether that is simply new terminology or reading new information.

Five out of eight of the Scriba team share this skill – but this doesn’t mean we all use it in the same way. For me, the achiever trait is used as a barrier I push against, to ensure that I not only make myself proud of what I do, but everyone around me.

Responsibility5 300x199 Scriba strengths – Luci Ownsworth

Myself and our operations manager, Louise Jaggar, have the responsibility trait running through us.

Without a doubt, this has a lot of meaning as I take on a psychological ownership for anything I commit to – even something as simple as doing the weekly shop.

When I first started at Scriba, my willingness to take on more work led me to agreeing to help on too many tasks – I now recognise that this could’ve affected the overall results by diluting the work, instead of focusing on my priorities.

I now push myself to compromise more on the activities that are asked of me – especially those that I feel aren’t doable within a specific deadline, to manage expectations.


6 300x200 Scriba strengths – Luci OwnsworthMy final strength is both unique and mind boggling – I couldn’t understand what it meant. It only became clear when we sat down with our business mentor, Natasha.

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason – and this is how connectedness works. I think that the experiences we have occur with a purpose, and we shouldn’t take these for granted – they’re all part of a bigger picture.

‘The awareness of your responsibilities within the connectedness attribute plays a part in your value system.’

So, that’s me, Luci Ownsworth, in 5 simple strengths.

By Luci