Louise Jaggar

Scriba strengths — Louise Jaggar

It’s nice to know what your top skills and qualities are — and to have the opportunity to compare them with your teammates.

Following on from my colleague Alice’s blog about her strengths, this one takes a look at my top five — following the completion of Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder book.

This Wall Street Journal bestseller comes complete with an online assessment, asking a range of multiple choice questions to unveil five main talents from a list of 34.

When we recruit a new member to the Scriba family, the StrengthsFinder assessment is one of the first things we pop on the induction list — the results not only give staff an overview of their main qualities, but it allows us to see what new skills have been introduced to our offering and where there is overlap – or qualities complement each other.

It’s a really insightful exercise, and here are my results…


This one is unique to me in that none of the rest of the team share it — and it’s also my strongest! As operations manager I believe it’s quite an important skill for me to have as it means that I look for areas of agreement. Where there is conflict, I try to steer people away from confrontation and instead towards harmony, by searching for the common ground. With my ‘HR hat’ on, this is invaluable, as it ensures I possess an important skill in looking after the welfare of colleagues.


This is something I share with Luci — our PR executive assistant. As the other member of the team who helps to ensure the smooth running of the office, I think it fits with both our roles at Scriba.

This theme forces the holder to take psychological ownership for anything committed to and feel bound to follow it through to completion. This near obsession of mine for getting things right and remaining dependable to others, hopefully means that my colleagues feel they can come to me for help and advice on a range of matters.


Shared with Hayley and Alice, this is a strength I very much agree with. I like to think that the first line in the book describing this trait highlights me to a tee:

“You are generous with praise, quick to smile and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation.”

I certainly like to celebrate any achievement, however small, and I am a firm believer that a smile costs nothing and a sense of humour will get you a long way.


Again, unique to me is the ‘discipline’ quality. Essentially, I need an ordered and predictable world — with good planning mechanisms in place. Routines, timetables and structure are important to me, and without a well-planned week I can sometimes feel a bit ‘argh’!

However, anyone working in the world of comms knows that unpredictable moments do occur, so although it’s great to be organised (as a Virgo I also love a list!), it’s also important to be adaptable, and ready to rejig that plan when required!


Unsurprisingly for a comms team, quite a few people share this skill with me — Katie, Ruth and Alice. Someone who possesses this trait likes to explain, describe, host, speak in public, and write. I must admit I love to hold court and tell a good tale, and my years of dancing classes and performing in shows are testament to the fact that I have no issues with shyness!

I do enjoy communicating with others, whether that’s through the power of the written word, or simply having a good conversation!

If you have found reading our StrengthsFinder blogs interesting, why not purchase a copy and have a go at the online assessment yourself?

It’s a great exercise!

By Louise