Kirstie Wilson - PR account manager

Scriba Strengths – Kirstie Wilson

As a self-professed extrovert, I absolutely thrive on being with other people. What I particularly enjoy is how diverse we all are. Life would be very dull if everyone were alike so – whilst it’s great to have things in common – the elements that make us different are what define us.

When you are part of a close-knit team – such as at Scriba PR – learning to adapt around other people’s methods of working, learning, and communicating, is essential to the wellbeing of all. I was so pleased to find that my agency actively seeks to identify these various qualities and highlight them to the team so that we all understand each other a little better.

Following on from my colleague Louise’s recent blog, my main strengths, as identified from the Don Clifton StrengthsFinder test, slot in very nicely with attributes already established within my colleagues.

My top five strengths are:


I share this strength with two others at Scriba — Katie and Jenny.

I was not surprised that this is my top strength. I love finding patterns in things that others see as complex. My strategic trait allows me to plan the path ahead, sizing up the obstacles along the way and choosing the route that will add the most value.

In the most literal sense, this ties directly into the campaign planning I carry out for my clients, but it also transposes into my day-to-day life.


I feel very lucky to have landed in a team with a couple of other “woo” people — Ruth and Alice. Woo stands for “winning others over,” meaning that I get a kick out of meeting new people and cultivating relationships.

I relish finding out what makes others tick, as mentioned in the introduction to this blog. I find people fascinating and strive to make connections with as many individuals as possible.

This is why I will always be the first person to put my hand up to attend a networking event or to be the driving force behind new business. My ability to forge these relationships and build rapport also benefits my clients, as I much prefer creating a two-way friendship rather than being a passing acquaintance.


This strength is defined as being inquisitive. People who score strongly for this trait, such as me, are collectors of information. We might love to read, travel, or collect things — check, check, and check! We then store this information for use at a later date.

Many of my friends and family will agree that this defines a part of my personality. I am full of seemingly random and useless facts and trivia that I have stored in my brain, recalled in an opportune moment.

I share this trait with both Luci and Katie at Scriba. I’m sure we would make a fantastic pub quiz team.


During my time at school – and then in further education – I was classed by my peers as being strange because I loved to attend classes! Learning is a passion of mine and I’m of the opinion that one should never stop!

I’m a huge advocate of upskilling – whether that’s from structured environments or spending ten minutes devouring a Wikipedia page about a certain topic of interest.

As a natural learner, I quickly become an expert in my client’s sector or industry, allowing me to fully understand, and maximise, the opportunities available for spreading their messages.

I share this strength with three of my new colleagues — Jenny, Katie, and Luci.


This is the only trait that is purely my own at Scriba PR. This characterises my love of thinking ’what if’ and looking ahead to what could be. Where will I be in one year’s, five years’ or 10 years’ time?

My visualisations of the future extend to my wants and hopes for my clients and team. I get excited when imagining where we will be – and what we will achieve together.

I hope that by sharing my outlook on the future with my colleagues, I will energise them over what is to come too.

Although I share the majority of my strengths with other colleagues, my combination is entirely my own as an individual. My overriding value is all of my qualities together, and when added to the mix of a team with complementary and differing attributes, we become a force to be reckoned with.

By Kirstie