Scriba strengths – Jenny Gibson

Scriba strengths – Jenny Gibson

We all love going on a journey of self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to indulge your favourite topic – you!

And Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder is all about the ‘business you’ – more specifically, how you operate at the office, and why. The philosophy also addresses what colleagues need to know, and do, in order to get the best out of one another.

All newbies at Scriba HQ take the personality test – it’s ok, there are no electrodes involved, just a lot of multiple-choice questions – and in doing so, follow in the footsteps of 21 million converts worldwide. The results show you which five of 34 possible personality attributes are the most dominant, and what that means for you.

In our team of eight, we have 21 of these traits covered, making us super strong – yet diverse and complementary. And, we’re so into team work, that we’ve been sharing the details here, on our blog.

So, following on from my colleague, Luci Ownsworth, here are my top skills…


SS1 300x200 Scriba strengths – Jenny GibsonThis one’s about helping others and as the grand old lady of Scriba – I’ve got a decade on Louise, the second-oldest team member – I guess that makes sense.

I’m not Florence Nightingale – I don’t go round everyone else’s desks with a lamp and a bonnet – but I do pitch in where my input is wanted and needed.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been working in the media for a quarter of a century and I know a good angle for a news story, as well as where to put an apostrophe. For the things I’m not so hot on – social media scheduling, for one – I can call on the other, more youthful ‘developers’ in the team, Amy and Hayley, and they kindly show me what’s what.


ss2 300x232 Scriba strengths – Jenny GibsonThree of us at Scriba have ‘learner’ as a dominant factor in our personalities. Alongside me, there is Katie, our managing director, and Luci, our most junior member of staff.

This neatly demonstrates that figuring out new things is always important, no matter what stage you’re at in your career and life. Wouldn’t it be a sad day if you thought you knew everything, and that your brain was full?

On a practical level, learning might involve fully equipping ourselves with knowledge about the highly-specialist world of a client, before we even think of starting to help them with their PR objectives. Or it might mean mastering a new piece of software that will help us get great results.

Learning is also crucial when making a brew correctly for Ruth. Decaf tea bag, tiny splash of milk – and leave the bag and spoon IN the mug – practice makes perfect.


ss3 300x188 Scriba strengths – Jenny GibsonNow this one makes me sound like a swot – but so are Katie, Amy, Luci and Ruth! Achievers love to motor smoothly through a long to-do list, ticking each item off with a colour-coded, fine-tip pen. We all have a thing about stationery here.

We feel a huge sense of satisfaction in getting things done, and are happy toiling for hours on tasks, projects and assignments. This is not just because it’s easier than being at home, trying to stop the children from fighting, or having to be in goal for the little one’s re-enactment of that day Man United beat Chelsea 4-0, honest.


ss4 300x198 Scriba strengths – Jenny GibsonKatie and I share this trait. It’s about cutting through mountains of information to find the nuggets of pure gold that will make a media campaign, or a weighty white paper, really deliver.

It’s seeing patterns, making connections and solving problems – both creatively and collaboratively.

Strategic thinkers enjoy analysing data and making decisions accordingly – whether that’s a set of complex survey findings, or the extensive brunch menu at the amazing Heritage Deli and Kitchen round the corner from the office. Smashed avo for me please.


ss5 300x200 Scriba strengths – Jenny GibsonFinally, I’m on my own with intellection. This attribute is a hunger for current information – be that via newspapers, magazines or online.

This is good to know. It makes me feel justified in frittering time away – scrolling news, news and more news – late at night, and first thing in the morning, on my very hardworking iPhone.

I don’t claim to put all of this to good use – celebrity tittle tattle isn’t required reading in the world of technical PR – but it does give me a reliable radar on media topics, which comes in handy.

So, that’s me, Jenny Gibson, in five simple strengths.

By Jenny