Scriba strengths – Hayley Paterson

Scriba strengths – Hayley Paterson

I don’t know about you, but I love finding out about people – and what makes them truly tick.

So, when the opportunity came for the Scriba family to bury our heads in Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder book and discover our array of quirks and idiosyncrasies, the pages were already turning before the kettle was even on!

Having worked for a range of large and small teams as both a journalist and PR manager, I’ve always been interested in discovering why certain colleagues click, what makes the ‘perfect’ group and how differently everyone operates in a business setting.

And at Scriba PR, you’ll notice that we’re big on our ‘family values’ which I believe is the real reason as to why we work so well as an agency. We not only celebrate what makes us ‘us’ but also how we effectively utilise our individual skills.

Considering my own personality test – and following on from my colleague Amy Lloyd’s self-discovery – my multiple-choice questionnaire was complete. Here are my top five traits…

  1. Restorative

I’m all for trying to think of a solution to any issue, both personally and professionally, so I was incredibly happy that such a problem-solving quality featured at the top of my list. Being ‘restorative’ means I love upskilling and work well with creative folk too – which are, thankfully, in abundance at Scriba!

  1. Relator

Next on my list was an attribute I share with my fellow account manager, Amy. Having the ‘relator’ trait allows us to connect with close friends on a deep level because we want to understand their feelings, goals, fears and dreams. As a former journalist, it’s no surprise that I like to dig a little more into how a person is doing, but I like to hope that professionally it also shows how much I value client relationships – and less about being ‘nosey’!

  1. Empathy

One thing I always wanted to achieve at Scriba was to become someone the team could trust and feel they could go to if they ever needed help. So, I was really pleased when this appeared in third place from my questionnaire. I share this trait again with Amy and also my senior account manager superstar Ruth Harrison-Davies. I think this characteristic is vitally important to have in a small team because it underlines how we all want to pull together when the pressure is on.

  1. Positivity

Alongside colleagues Louise Jaggar and Paige Catton, it’s good to see, as we’re always on the lookout for the ‘good’ in any situation – especially when it comes to a challenging industry like PR. As a collective, we have a hugely positive team which I think is reflective of the work we produce for our fantastic clients too, so for this to be on my list is a refreshing reason to ensure my glass always remains half full!

  1. Developer

Finally, another strong trait throughout the team is the ‘developer’ skill which I share with Amy and our feature extraordinaire Jenny Gibson. Between us we have a (cough, cough) few years’ experience in communications, so hopefully our Scriba colleagues appreciate some of the Yoda-like ‘wisdom’ we profess to have. Seeing the potential in others is a huge motivation for me as well, and I’m constantly learning from my PR family in return, so this is a lovely quality to end my blog on.

It’s a hugely exciting time to be part of such a forward-thinking business like Scriba PR. To have the opportunity to uncover exactly how my personality adds to our overall success has been brilliant to analyse too – thank you to our amazing business coach Natasha McCreesh, from PiP To Grow Strong, for ensuring Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder is a mainstay on my bookshelf!

By Hayley