Scriba Strengths – Alice Kelly

Scriba Strengths – Alice Kelly

Within a day or two of my journey at Scriba PR, it struck me how many ‘people people’ there are among this fun-loving Yorkshire team. Not only in the way they love a good natter – and thrive on getting to the heart of the matter with colleagues and clients alike – but also in the way that they embrace idiosyncrasies and acknowledge that every one of our word nerds bring something different to the mix.

Scriba’s commitment to teamwork and professional growth is evidenced by the fact that every newbie is asked to complete Don Clifton’s StrengthsFinder test.

As a fervent fan of the online personality quiz, I took great pleasure in completing mine.

So, without further ado, here are my top five traits…


My number one strength, which stands for ‘winning others over’ is one I share with senior account manager Ruth. Those who possess the WOO trait are particularly good at meeting new people, making them feel at ease and getting them in their corner.

It’s true, I love getting to know more about each person I meet, and, in an agency environment, it comes in handy when finding out more about clients and understanding their unique offering.

When allowed to steer the conversation, you’ll often find me asking personal questions in a bid to know more about my subject and pinpoint common ground we can bond over.


Another trait which lends itself nicely to a career in PR. My fellow communicators within the Scriba family are Louise, Ruth, and chief word nerd, Katie.

Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m a talker (and I’d like to think it’s balanced with being a listener too)! My StrengthsFinder report depicts my yearning to make an event exciting and vivid, turning it into something that will be remembered.

What I expect this strength really refers to though, is my enthusiasm for telling a story, using either the spoken or written word – I live for entertaining others and making them laugh.


The necessity for adapting according to unexpected demand is part and parcel of any job, but particularly PR, as you react to new stories and trending topics.

The ‘adaptability’ strength is unique to me at Scriba HQ and one that I’m therefore particularly proud of.

In short I ‘live in the moment’ and, aside from being a popular theme for a tattoo or social media bio, it’s actually a pretty cool trait to possess. I would like to think it makes me a valuable asset to the Scriba team, as I can chop and change to fit in with others, and lend a hand where needed.

As a Scriba newbie who came on board just before the lockdown, I was required to get to know all my lovely new workmates – and a fresh set of clients – under the slightly unusual circumstances of working from home, all day, every day.

A common theme in the praise I received from my colleagues was how it felt like I’d been part of the team forever – and I’d like to think my adaptability strength had a part to play in receiving this feedback!


Another trait I share with Ruth… I’m starting to see a trend here!

Put simply, the activator trait means I’m not one for dilly-dallying – if there’s a job to be done, I prefer to get stuck in straight away, rather than waiting for all the lights to turn green.

Sometimes this attribute can make me appear a little impatient and blunt, but it is only my willingness to pitch in and get the ball rolling.


I’m joining Scriba’s ‘glass half full’ group, alongside Louise and Hayley – I’m generous with praise, quick to smile and constantly in search of the positives in any situation.

As the world of PR is often a fast-paced, high-pressured one, I believe it’s important to face each challenging day with a sense of energy and optimism.

I love to point out the humour in any scenario and, like my colleagues, believe that if you have the right attitude you can pretty much tackle anything.

So, that’s me, Alice Kelly in five simple strengths.