Scriba PR latest new partner for Topic UK

Scriba PR latest new partner for Topic UK

Huddersfield based technical PR firm Scriba is the latest business to join TopicUK’s growing membership of partners.

Launched four years ago in Wakefield, with editions quickly following in Kirklees, Calderdale, South Yorkshire and Leeds, TopicUK offers the chance for businesses to promote their products and services across Yorkshire, sometimes free but always affordable.

“We are unique in what we offer,” said Group Editor Gill Laidler. “Other B2B publications employ or use the services of journalists, we encourage businesses to provide us with content, this means that all the information is written by experts in their field and it up-to-date.”

Each publication is unique to its own area and distributed free across cities. “There will always be a call for printed magazines of quality such as TopicUK, how else would you be aware of some of the products and services available, you can’t Google what you don’t know about!” added Gill.

TopicUK is a valuable source for PR companies and Scriba PR are very forward thinking and can see the advantage of becoming a TopicUK partner, not just for themselves, but for their growing client base.

“We’ve been a fan of TopicUK since the magazine was first introduced and are impressed by the quality and growth of the printed publication in an age dominated by digital,” commented Scriba’s founder Katie Mallinson. “But having worked with the media industry for almost ten years we know that even the most reputable magazines struggle if they’re not supported commercially too. We therefore hope that, by becoming a partner, this regional title can go on to even bigger and better things, as it continues to showcase the level of knowledge, innovation and talent within the Yorkshire region and beyond.”

Scriba will now be responsible for selecting a ‘company of the month’ in every issue.