Scriba PR - Word o Week

Scriba launches the Word ‘o Week

It’s perhaps no surprise that a PR and copywriting consultancy has a fascination with words. In fact one of the very reasons Scriba was established, was to help clients better communicate with their target audiences by finding the right words to tell the story.

But even as self-confessed word nerds, we’re learning new terms all the time and therein lies the beauty of the English language. Not only is it constantly evolving – with ‘meme’, ‘al desko’ and ‘photobomb’ recently squeezing their way into the Collins Dictionary – but its heritage is so vast that it is easy to stumble upon a word you’ve never used before.

Other times you’re reminded of a word that, often for reasons personal to you, conjures up such meaning that you can’t wait to find a way to implement it. And then of course there are the good old favourites that just never fail to make you smile.

This is why, in our strongest Yorkshire accent, we have the pleasure of launching “Word ‘o Week”, which will be affectionately known as ‘WoW’. Every Wednesday, Scriba will choose a different word and meaning to share with Twitter followers and website visitors. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to find a way to use it during the week. Whether the word is relatively unheard of, particularly topical, difficult to pronounce, or just downright odd, WoW will hopefully get you talking!

We will be inviting friends of Scriba to share their WoW suggestions too, so if you have a favourite word or you come across something new, then please do forward your ideas to

What better way to kick off than with:



Borrowed from Latin – a writer, composer, author or scribe.

Watch this space for more WoWs every Wednesday…