Scriba launches technical PR video

Scriba launches new technical PR video

It’s something we’ve talked about for years (literally!)

But, as is often the case, the months have flown by faster than we can believe and what began as a gem of an idea in 2014 (!) has only just been executed!

However, better late than never don’t they say?

So, thanks to the amazing creativity of Manto Films in Leeds, our vision has finally become a reality. Because, we may be wordsmiths, but we understand the power of video. We therefore wanted to create a quick-fire production (and boy is it fast!) which encourages organisations, however complex, to tell their story.

Far too many technical firms believe their business is too unusual to be newsworthy, or that an external party, like us, could never get to grips with the weird and wonderful worlds in which they operate. So, one of the reasons for producing this film was to show them that we can interpret difficult briefs – in fact, we love them!

We don’t want to give too much more away. We want you to watch and enjoy! It’ll only take up 56 seconds of your life, and perhaps 20 more if you wouldn’t mind letting us know what you think…

(Fingers crossed!)