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Scriba appears in top 100 PR blogs on the planet

Yes – you read the correctly! We were contacted by global content reader Feedspot this month, to notify us that the Scriba blog has been listed in the top 100 PR blogs ON THE PLANET!Top 100 PR Blog Scriba appears in top 100 PR blogs on the planet

The run-down has been compiled on the basis of four contributing factors – Google reputation, influence and popularity on social media, the quality and consistency of posts, and the Feedspot team’s own review.

And it seems that our blogs and press room content has ticked a few boxes, as we’ve been ranked as number 87 in the chart!

There’s some way to go of course, until we can compete with the likes of agencies in Silicon Valley and media giants such as PR Week. But it’s a pretty nice way to round off the year, to see the niche technical PR content that we love to talk about on a list such as this.

I wonder how far we can climb…

By Katie