Raise a glass – but which glass…?

Raise a glass – but which glass…?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘glass half full’ – an expression that signifies someone’s sense of optimism in life. Most people would no doubt love to describe themselves as having this positive outlook – a notion that things will hopefully still be ok – even if they face a situation which may be fraught with troubles, risks or uncertainties.

There are others, of course, who can’t help but view the glass as half empty – overwhelmed by the tendency to adopt a pessimistic attitude to their circumstances. They may not admit it, but they may not be able to help it either.

Now, speaking purely objectively, if the glass contains 50% of anything, either of the above is true – it’s purely down to interpretation. An optimist would focus on what is there. A pessimist would dwell on what has gone or is missing.

But what if we’ve been overlooking a few important alternatives, all this time?

For a start, some people might say, be thankful for the glass either way – it’s better than nothing. Or you could get a different glass altogether, of course. My dad’s an engineer – a problem solver – so it’s probably what he would do.

Because surely, if you switch the glass – mix up the circumstances – there’s the chance that even a single change could leave you feeling far more… ‘full’.

This is a bit of a random topic for a PR blog, I hear you say. And yes, perhaps that’s true. But as we celebrate Scriba’s 7th anniversary – seven years since the toss of a coin that led to the company being formed – this theme actually feels very well timed.

I really would like to consider myself a ‘glass half full’ type of person. I enjoy taking a big chomp out of life every single day, and I thrive on the fire that challenges ignite in my belly. But I also know that the glass can exist with varying degrees of fullness at times, and – pre-Scriba – there were occasions when there was practically a drought!

I almost fell out of love with PR, full stop. But, eventually, I worked out I was simply in a role that wasn’t right for me.

So, I got myself a new glass. A Scriba-shaped one. And almost overnight that fullness returned.

It’s not always brimming, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes it’s really close! It also now sits beautifully within a set of 10, which helps!

So, in a month when we’re enjoying a few celebratory tipples of the good stuff, what better time to say “cheers” to that glass?!

I can’t wait to raise one with clients, in person. Chink chink.

By Katie.