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Cloud tech specialist turns to Scriba for technical PR support

Vapour Cloud’s CEO Tim Mercer highlights why he chose Scriba to provide PR support for his growing tech business

How did you find Scriba?

Scriba came highly recommended through a mutual contact, digital marketing agency The Bigger Boat.

What were your initial thoughts about Scriba and why did this make you want to work with us?

Don’t get me wrong I did my due diligence, and actually met three PR agencies throughout the UK, who ranged in size and scope. However, the one we clicked with, and who also demonstrated a strong understanding of our tech sector, was Scriba – they seemed the perfect fit!

Why did you decide that you needed PR?

We wanted to promote our brand into the tech industry and realised that we needed specialist skills and relationships to do so. It was a natural progression but one that we definitely thought long and hard over. PR had previously seemed like such a dark art.

What were the objectives of enlisting Scriba’s services?

We had a number of deliverables – support launching a new website, the introduction of new products to the market, the revelation of a large inaugural tech event and general brand recognition through media relations, award entries and more. We may only be four years old but we have enough expertise and knowledge to become an authoritative voice in our industry. We’re fast on the way to fulfilling that stance.

What has Scriba helped to achieve for your company?

They’ve helped in a number of ways, from advising on our website and content, securing bums on seats at our events, telling client stories via case studies, and evidencing/supporting our growth plan. Sometimes we also just need a general overview to make sure we are on point and delivering against our strategy.

How have these achievements helped towards your business objectives?

Scriba has raised awareness of Vapour throughout the industry and especially across our prime geographical location in the North of England. We have, I am sure, won business with the help of Scriba’s PR and willingness to work with us, in an area we feel out of our depth.

What would you say were the three key plus points about your relationship/working with Scriba

  • Relationship is key. This is the ethos we stand by with our clients, so it’s equally as important that we have a relationship where we can similarly trust our partner’s advice. Honesty, let the team do their job – don’t interfere. They are the specialists and that’s why you pay them!
  • The positive impact we have had from a number of publications both in print and online has been incredible since we started work together. It really has brought the Vapour brand into people’s thoughts.
  • I couldn’t highlight a single stand-out piece of work – it has been about quality throughout.