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UNTHA Austria

Scriba’s PR expertise ‘exported’ to Austria

In early 2015, Scriba began talking to UNTHA shredding technology GmbH, the parent company of long-standing client UNTHA UK.

With more than 9,000 industrial shredders in operation worldwide and a 40 year engineering heritage under its belt, this Austrian-headquartered firm is a very prestigious brand. But with a number of opportunities to maximise in certain overseas markets, the client knew PR could add real value.

In its native country for instance, UNTHA is usually the first brand on everyone’s lips when it comes to waste and recycling shredders. But in competitive markets such as Germany there is more work to be done. And, in emerging markets in South East Asia or less environmentally advanced nations such as Turkey, UNTHA has the potential to steal a march on competitors by supporting operators as they look to a ‘greener’ future.

Acknowledging the opportunity to elevate UNTHA’s profile in so many countries worldwide, the company came to Scriba.

Peter Streinik, Head of Business Unit Waste explains why:

Scriba has played a crucial role in strengthening the market position of UNTHA in the UK – in fact I’d go so far as to say our brand has had unparalleled exposure. The team’s knowledge of modern communication tools and strategic guidance as to when to deploy them, has resulted in bottom line benefits for our business. This had not gone unnoticed.

Scriba’s expertise has therefore been ‘exported’ to Austria. Following an inaugural visit to UNTHA’s Salzburg HQ, Scriba has:

  • Delivered an empowering knowledge-transfer programme for the PR and marketing team on the continent, to ensure every communication opportunity is maximised across relevant international media, email marketing, events, video and social channels.
  • Developed relationships with UNTHA personnel in all corners of the world, to understand the needs, requirements and opportunities within different global locations.
  • Assumed responsibility for PR with all relevant English-speaking international media, and provided engaging editorial for the team to translate into other languages.
  • Begun to build a library of project case studies following liaison with clients all over the globe.
  • Helped shape a best practice communications model for new product launches.
  • Drafted LinkedIn content for every member of the waste shredding team, before providing workshops to encourage effective use of this professional network.
  • Contributed to the team’s corporate Twitter profile.

In truth, the list goes on. So what has the impact been?

UNTHA has begun to build a portfolio of authoritative content in a vast array of waste, recycling and energy media worldwide. These highly targeted, advice-led comment pieces, product spotlights and detailed project write ups reached a relevant audience in excess of 6 million people in only 12 months.

In fact, Scriba has developed strong relationships with key a raft of international, sector-specific titles such as World Cement, Global Recycling and Renewable Energy from Waste. And, due to the quality of content provided to date, many such publications now approach UNTHA for contribution!

Peter concludes:

Without Scriba’s knowledge, writing talent and media rapport, we wouldn’t have achieved the editorial coverage and market recognition that we are now so proud of.

It has been a pleasure to work collaboratively with Katie and the team, to further the development of our global organisation. Scriba will continue to play a crucial role in our business growth, long into the future.