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UNTHA America

UNTHA America

Web development project for client 3,000 miles away

Impressed by the marketing activity completed to date for UNTHA UK, UNTHA America approached Scriba for support with a new website development project.

The company had no online presence whatsoever and acknowledged that a resource-rich website would help them attract clients throughout North America.

The timescales were tight – the desired launch date was only eight weeks away from the initial point of enquiry! But this didn’t faze our team. We swung into action, to turn a 59 page website around in two months. Our work included:

  • Assembling the best-fit team for the job, including web designers, developers and, of course, copywriters (us!)
  • Seamlessly project managing the entire activity to provide the client – more than 3,000 miles away – with one trusted point of contact.
  • Drafting all content, speaking to UNTHA America team members and clients where required to truly understand the needs and terminology of the US market
  • Coordinating the website ‘housekeeping’ such as domain purchase, photography briefing and in-house training.


Speaking to Scriba PR and seeing what they’d done for UNTHA UK confirmed that our new website project had to happen. I could have worked with someone locally in New Hampshire, USA, but I was so confident in Scriba’s ability and so impressed by the team’s cost-effective skill-set and brand commitment, that I chose to work with them – despite them being more than 3,000 miles away!

Scriba’s attention to detail and consideration for the ‘user experience’ was just what we needed – UNTHA America now has a website to be very proud of.

- Bernhard Mueggler, Past President & CEO of UNTHA America