Waste and Recycling for Riverside Waste Machinery



Riverside comes to Scriba for specialist waste and recycling PR expertise

When Jonathan Oldfield wanted to raise the profile of his baler business Riverside Waste Machinery, he turned to Scriba PR. Aware of the impact Scriba had had on the UNTHA UK brand, Jon wanted to achieve similar exposure for his own firm.

“With a growing client base throughout the UK, we have lots of exciting stories to tell,” he said. “There’s also a wealth of knowledge and expertise within our team, which means we’re well-positioned to offer thought provoking, advice led commentary for our industry’s journals and blogs. But communicating all of this content, and securing the opportunities we were looking for, would not come easy.”

Scriba therefore devised a PR plan that would achieve the desired exposure whilst supporting Jon’s business development objectives. With growth being experienced in key vertical markets such as manufacturing, retail, logistics and printing, why not prepare editorial for these relevant media too?

Editorial coverage quickly gathered momentum, with the Scriba team utilising existing media relationships as well as establishing new ones. Authoritative comments, profile building Q&As, interviews, company update press releases, contract announcements and case study spotlights, have been just some of the focal points to date.

Jon explains: “Scriba digest complex briefs with ease, and bring often ‘gritty’ topics to life with their writing. Their knowledge of evolving legislation, and their genuine passion for the waste and recycling sector, as well as engineering on the whole, undoubtedly plays a key part in this.”

Scriba fast became a trusted partner of Riverside which led to an extension of the services provided. These now include:

  • Website copywriting – with Scriba proactively preparing content for Riverside’s web news page. Scriba also maintains dialogue with Riverside’s growing customer base to identify interesting contract announcement and case study opportunities that are then drafted, signed off, uploaded and, on many occasions, published in the press.
  • Website development – we recently project managed the overhaul of Riverside’s website, coordinating the design, build and entire content re-write. We continue to coordinate the ongoing SEO and email marketing activity with the same creative digital agency.
  • Social media activity (Twitter and LinkedIn) – which led to Riverside winning the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award.

Summarising why the relationship is likely to continue long into the future, Jonathan concludes:

Scriba seem to care about my business as much as me. They don’t just wait to be told what to do – they come to us with ideas that genuinely support our company’s development. They’re also quick, cost effective and a friendly bunch too!

- Jonathan Oldfield