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Introducing decommissioning consultancy RVA Group

Introducing decommissioning consultancy RVA Group

With so many exciting companies in Scriba’s client portfolio, we have decided to shine the spotlight on some of them in a brand-new Q&A, to find out a little bit more about their own PR journey – and why they chose us to work with!  So, in the latest edition of this feature, we speak to Richard Vann, Managing Director at RVA Group, to find out about the organisation, why they decided to hire a PR agency and what’s in store over the next year…

1. Describe your company in one paragraph:

A specialist engineering and project management organisation with a range of decommissioning services focused on the high-hazard industrial process sector.

2. What made you decide to hire a PR agency?

To raise marketplace awareness of our company and reach new customer targets.

3. Why did you choose Scriba?

Having worked with some of the current Scriba team for many years, it was felt that the PR agency’s knowledge of RVA services, style and market was always going to be of significant value. We have not been disappointed. They decipher our technical briefs and deliver the exact content that international journals and our industry’s websites are looking for. They are an extension of our voice as a company.

4. What benefits have you noticed since Scriba came on board?

Increased media coverage and opportunities to speak at major industry events. For example, we secured the keynote speaker slot at the 2017 World Demolition Summit and are looking forward to a chairing role for the 2018 event. These opportunities are not attainable without significant industry experience of course, but the authoritative PR activity we have pursued, has helped showcase the knowledge, advice and opinion we have to offer.

5. Describe Scriba in three words:

Relevant, Organised, Proactive.

6. What’s in store for your business over the next 12 months?

Growth in the EU. We have completed more than 750 projects worldwide, and counting, but have targeted expansion plans for the coming year.

7. When it comes to your business, why do people choose you over your competitors?

For our consistently high standards, the prompt delivery of services and the engendering of long-term relationships. Ours is an extremely complex and technical field, but we have some of the world’s most experienced engineers within the RVA team.

8.What one word would you use to describe RVA?