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From ad-hoc support to a bolt-on communications department for ESPHR

Established in 2003, ESPHR has a workforce of employment lawyers and HR experts. The firm’s technical knowledge has assisted high-profile clients such as Ladbrokes Coral, Randstad and PVH Holdings.

As the business grew exponentially, it became apparent the team needed to bolster its in-house media expertise. Over time, the relationship has grown from ad-hoc PR support, to Scriba’s appointment as ESPHR’s bolt-on communications department, in 2019.

Here, founder and MD, Peter Byrne, explains how the partnership has flourished, and the ways in which our team of word nerds is helping to continuously raise the company profile.

How did you find Scriba?

When the time came for the organisation to consider outsourcing our communications function, Scriba PR came recommended by one of my legal team.

As a company owner, endorsements from someone I already trust go a long way, but I also sourced a ‘second opinion’ from the then-editor of HR Magazine who spoke very highly of Katie Mallinson –  Scriba’s founder.

Encouraged by what I’d heard, I went along to meet Katie and chat about what we might be able to do together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why did you decide that you needed PR?

As the brand grew and developed, we had matured to a point where we wanted to get our message out to a wider audience. It had always been in our minds to enlist the help of a PR expert at some point in the business journey – but we wanted to ensure we had enough of a compelling story to tell first.

What were the objectives of enlisting Scriba’s services?

In the beginning, our needs were very simple – we wanted someone to call upon on an ad hoc basis. In truth, we were limited in those early days, because we wanted to start small and see how things progressed.

I’d earmarked this year as the time when we could really ramp up our commitment to a bigger investment in marketing and communications across the whole firm. Previously, our budget had to be reserved for investing in – and establishing – other core functions, such as the set-up of the law firm.

What has Scriba helped to achieve for your company?

Personally – it’s taken an awful lot of weight and work off my desk! Additionally, it’s encouraging to know that we have experts working alongside our marketing executive, Kerry Byrne, to help her grow into her own role.

How have these achievements helped towards your business objectives?

The partnership has released a lot of time for me to focus on two specific areas – continued investment in our software and online services, as well as the space to be able to support ESPHR’s continued growth.

Additionally, the profile-raising within the press and on social media has already garnered results – with a huge consumer brand contacting us directly following the recent launch of MyHRCases, which was managed by the Scriba team.

What would you say were the three key plus points about your relationship/working with Scriba?

  • Real team players – we feel the Scriba collective is part of our line-up
  • Incredibly passionate and loyal with a genuine interest in our success
  • Hugely professional and organised.