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Brand-building with FinTech firm, DealTrak

FinTech firm DealTrak has been bringing F&I transactions to life for over 15 years within the motor finance industry.

Following a year of significant growth, with sights set on attracting Yorkshire’s top tech talent, and having become frustrated with being the automotive sector’s ‘best-kept-secret’, the Leeds-headquartered firm enlisted Scriba PR’s expertise to raise the brand’s profile.

Here, operations director, Steve Lees, explains how the partnership has flourished, and the ways in which our support is helping their business thrive…

How did you find Scriba?

When we decided to appoint a new media partner, we completed some market research around PR agencies, and spoke to about a dozen before shortlisting three.

During the search, we were looking for companies with a background in the automotive sector, and I have to say that Scriba were the wild card entry. However, Katie Mallinson [MD of Scriba PR] blew us away in her pitch, and it was the easiest decision in the world to appointment them.

Why did you decide that you needed PR?

We were not getting our positive messages out to our target market. I know it’s part of Scriba’s tagline, but we genuinely did feel like the best kept secret within the F&I marketplace – and we wanted to lift our profile.

What were the objectives of enlisting Scriba’s services?

We had three main targets: to increase our penetration into relevant publications, generate more conversations and engagement on social media, and be seen as a thought-leader within the F&I space. Together, these should encourage more incoming leads.

What has Scriba helped to achieve for your company?

Our brand awareness has increased significantly, and as such we’ve already seen an uplift in enquiries. Additionally, we’re far more active in the way we market the business – they even helped us find our new marketing manager!

How have these achievements helped towards your business objectives?

It’s early days yet, so our goal remains to grow our client base. However, we’re more energised as a business around PR, marketing and brand-building now, and our level of engagement on LinkedIn has soared – particular when benchmarking against our competitors.

Our growing media profile – through press releases, case studies, feature contributions and award entries – will all help to maintain momentum in the medium-term.

What would you say were the three key plus points about your relationship/working with Scriba?

  • Partnership approach
  • Holding our feet to the fire
  • Fantastic ideas generation