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Applegate Properties looks to Scriba for PR support

Amy Wray, Applegate Properties’ managing director, highlights why she chose Scriba PR to support the growing estate and lettings agent… 

How did you find Scriba?

I had heard some very positive things about Katie from a mutual connection, which prompted me to contact her when I required PR support.

What were your initial thoughts about Scriba and why did this make you want to work with us?

After meeting Katie I was instantly made aware that she and her colleagues cared strongly about their clients. They were all professional, personable and very reliable – which was exactly what I was looking for in a PR firm!

Why did you decide that you needed PR?

As the company grew, we no longer had the time to manage our PR in-house. So, we decided that we needed a firm that could further develop our brand. It was also important that we found someone that we didn’t have to check up on and constantly chase – Scriba seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

What were the objectives of enlisting Scriba’s services?

To raise our company’s profile through social media alongside the production of advice-led, industry-relevant content for our website, enabling us to become an authoritative voice within the property market.

What has Scriba helped to achieve for your company?

Scriba consistently produces high-quality newsletters and blogs for us every month, which are both informative and engaging. They also take care of elements of our social media management, raising awareness of our blogs, notable industry news and key press coverage achieved.

They have also been proactive in highlighting relevant awards schemes for our company and have written some exceptionally good entries, that have resulted in gold accolades! In addition, the company has produced quality press releases as and when needed on our achievements, which have gained key coverage in regional publications such as The Yorkshire Post.

The firm has grown entirely organically so far, which is something that we are really proud of, and Scriba’s social media input has helped us to reach thousands of people every month. We now have a collective social media following of 2,328, which is constantly growing.

How have these achievements helped towards your business objectives?

The awareness of Applegate Properties within the region and the property industry has certainly increased thanks to the additional PR support provided by Scriba!

In total, we have won 5 accolades thanks to Scriba’s award entries, which have helped us to secure acknowledgment within the competitive property industry, as a growing and successful business.

What would you say were the three key plus points about your relationship/working with Scriba?

  • I trust Scriba to do efficient work on time, without the need to chase them.
  • They go above and beyond and never take the easy or simple route in their work.
  • They are proactive in providing additional PR ideas as and when they think we need them.