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A decade of Human Resources PR

One of Scriba’s longest-standing clients is Cascade HR – a UK market leader in human resources and payroll software.

The relationship began with Scriba’s founder Katie heading up Cascade’s PR strategy when the company had an emerging brand. Working closely with the client’s head of marketing, all comms activity centred upon building an authoritative yet approachable voice for Cascade, which highlighted the depth of the team’s knowledge as much as their outstanding tech. No other brand in this highly competitive marketplace, had such a personable twist to their communication.

With the PR tied closely into the marketing, internal sales and field sales strategy from the outset, results were soon evident. Cascade went from being one of many exhibitors at the CIPD’s HR Software Show, for example, to the vendor with the most-talked about, standing-room-only seminars at the event. A newly-implemented approach to webinars catapulted Cascade into the world of digital events too, blending thought leadership with those all-important leads. By seeking out related industry experts, Katie also supported Cascade with the continued publication of highly sought-after white papers that assisted HR professionals with everything from absence management strategies to transformational change – and so much more.

Over the years, and because Katie was so heavily embedded within the Cascade team, so many elements of the marketing toolkit – from videos to vox pops – fell under her remit. And 12 months after Katie went on to found her own PR agency, Cascade made the switch to Scriba.

Cascade’s growth was so notable, that in 2014, the business was acquired by the UK’s largest independently owned software group IRIS. Further acquisitions followed, with Scriba charged with managing the announcements. By this time, Cascade had gone from being one of many players in a crowded space, to often the first brand on everyone’s lips, when talking about HR software.

Commenting on his personal experience of this ten-year PR journey, Oliver Shaw, ex-CEO of Cascade, said:

“Working with Scriba has given us an unrivalled thought leadership position in this professional (HR) sector. They haven’t used the obvious PR tactics of continually talking about our great HRIS solution – it’s been much more sophisticated than that. Instead they’ve created an authoritative voice for us, with a level of frequency that the organs of this industry pay attention to.

“Our recognition within the CIPD, for example, means our brand is now so well-known – we are consistently in the top three on everyone’s list when it comes to an investment in HR technology. We haven’t spent lots on our brand (e.g. we haven’t had vast website or SEO budgets) – this is largely a testament to the work that Scriba has done.

“On a final – more intangible – note, Scriba’s relations with the media and our own internal team, has helped us inform our strategic dialogue as a business. Knowing what respected titles and their readers are looking for, has influenced how we articulate our proposition. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have got there without this – but the speed with which we did, with clarity, has had a demonstrable effect on our growth.”

Oliver Shaw, Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS Software Group

Commenting specifically on Scriba’s support surrounding Cascade’s biggest marketing expense of every year – the CIPD show in June – marketing executive Liz Wing To added:

“We can’t thank Scriba PR enough for the level of support they gave us in the run-up to, during, and after the CIPD HR Software and Recruitment show! Not only did they steer and put a creative spin on the angle for one of our showcase presentations, but Katie was also on hand to help when crowds flooded in to see a client deliver our second presentation on ‘Finding an HR system that fits you’ – reported to be the “busiest talk of the event” by the CIPD!

“Scriba is always one step ahead when it comes to driving PR opportunities for us, whether it be creating exciting pre-show press releases to help raise awareness, or getting stuck in and being a valued part of our team, as opposed to an extension of our team, as third-party agencies are usually considered.

“We came away from the show with over 200 leads, and an additional 100 leads from our showcase presentations alone!”