National days and weeks of the year

National days and weeks of the year

Nowadays, it seems that there are tonnes of different national days and weeks throughout the year, meaning there is always something to talk about on social media. There’s a day for pretty much everything and anything (even if some are a bit bonkers), and they spark some great social media conversations if nothing else!

For anyone with their own blog, or those looking to produce PR content – particularly businesses who don’t think much is going on within their four walls – these can potentially be great topics to discuss.

Last week, for example, was afternoon tea week, and here at Scriba we love tea and cake – so there was no better excuse to have an extra cuppa with a slice of our favourite treat! From a business perspective, you may wonder how this is newsworthy. But, such topics can easily be turned into a short story for your website, or become shareable on your company’s social media, which will also unearth some of your brand’s personality – it’s that simple.

Some of our other personal favourites have to be…

World storytelling day – 20th March

Once upon a time, in a faraway Kingdom (well not that far away – in Sweden), a storytelling day was introduced, and the ethos for the event has caught on around the globe. Got a great story to tell? Now’s your chance!

Social media day – 30th June

Our lives and work pretty much revolve around social media, so this one is very fitting! If you’re a pro in the social world then why not help other business folk out, and share your tips on how to optimise the different platforms available.

Positive thinking day – 13th September

An American entrepreneur started celebrating this day back in 2003, to enable people to recognise the many benefits and rewards of positive thinking. We personally love this one in the office, as we think it is so important to take time out of the day to reflect positively on our lives! If you similarly love thinking optimistically, why not try creating an advice-led piece on your techniques to do so.

Write a business plan month – December

This one may just motivate you to take the plunge, and begin a venture that you have only ever dreamed of doing! It also presents the perfect opportunity to create an authoritative voice for your business, by disclosing your knowledge on how to create the perfect business plan.

And, we also can’t forget the ones that pay homage to some of our clients…

Worldwide web day, password day, decorating day, national recycling week, international volunteer day – the list goes on!

So, if you’re ever stuck for something to talk about, take a look at what is going on in the world. There may be something you could have your say on, or simply show off some of your business’ personality.  As you can see it doesn’t have to be a topic that directly relates to the services your company offers – you can put your own spin on any subject to create a great, compelling story or piece of advice, so don’t delay – get writing!

By Paige