My work experience week at Scriba

My work experience week at Scriba

Stepping into a room filled with new faces is always unpredictable, however, at Scriba I can confidently say that every single time you walk through the door, you will always be greeted with the most welcoming smiles. Being new to the world of PR, I was immediately encapsulated by the wealth of knowledge the Scriba Team have to offer.

Throughout the week, I have been introduced to various aspects of PR, meanwhile, familiarising myself with client databases, updating media lists, designing testimonial graphics for clients, and understanding the process of writing the perfect press release.

My highlight of the time I have spent here, would most definitely be the quarterly Away Day; it was extremely reassuring to see that everyone is on a continuous learning path, and developing their skills by using the valuable expertise of one another. I found that being able to get a deeper insight into the industry firsthand, has been massively rewarding and I look forward to where this may take me with my future career plans.

Despite only being here for such a short period of time, it is clear to see that the wellbeing and personal development of the Scriba Team takes huge priority. Each success -no matter how big or small- is celebrated, proving just how positive and encouraging the day-to-day workspace is; personally, this was highly motivating and allowed me to utilise my creativity.

As a young adult beginning my career journey, I have had the privilege of being both supported and inspired by the most influential women – I can’t thank you enough Scriba!

I will take my experience with me, and proudly share my knowledge that I have been lucky enough to learn from the leading ladies themselves.

By Millie Annat