Work experience at Scriba PR - technical PR agency

My work experience: Leeds Beckett student, Jasmin Eastwood

As a current Leeds Beckett University student, I have been gaining varied work experience throughout the past year. Wanting to try my hand at PR, I approached Scriba for a week-long placement. And what a whirlwind it has been!

At the beginning of the week, I didn’t really know what PR was, or what to expect at all. But my work experience has exceeded all my expectations and given me an invaluable understanding of what a career in PR entails.

Nervous on my first day – as anyone would be, I was welcomed into the team straight away, with an induction to brief me on my activities for the week. I was keen to get started. Every day there was something new to try, from assisting on press releases, searching for client coverage, social media management, sourcing event information and researching feature opportunities to blogging.

The staff at Scriba were all wonderful, friendly, hardworking and helpful with any questions I had. Working in such a stimulating work environment with Katie, Amy and Louise has built my confidence and skills immensely. It’s sad to be leaving after such amazing week.

After my week at Scriba PR, I think I can confidently say that a career in public relations would never be boring – there are always different clients to meet, fresh news to find and stories to tell.

Gaining work experience is great – there’s more to work experience placements than putting a reference on your CV or to look good to an employer. It’s about realising what job you want to work in and what kind of business you want to work for. It’s also helps to learn about yourself – such as what you enjoy and the values you support.

Each placement I’ve undertaken has developed my business skills and has cemented my decision to hopefully study a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology. I’m looking forward to going back to university armed with lots of experience and deciding what career path I want to go down.

by Jasmin