My week at Scriba PR – Olivia Zito

My week at Scriba PR – Olivia Zito

Currently a student at Brooksbank Sixth Form, studying both Business and Media Studies, I was this week fortunate to complete some work experience at Scriba PR. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time, and I wish that it was for longer!

At the start of the week I wasn’t 100% sure what working in the PR industry involved but I was keen and eager to gain a hands-on experience, and further expand my knowledge in this sector. And Scriba has certainly allowed me to do this! The great working environment in the lovely office, along with the friendly and hardworking Scriba team has opened me up to what the world of PR and business communications involves.

Throughout the week, I have been given a variety of tasks ranging from researching a client’s industry for media opportunities and ‘trawling’ for client coverage – both online and in traditional media outlets – to uploading content to Scriba’s website and drafting and scheduling social media for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I also enjoyed creating blog icons for posts – which I received great feedback from – as tasks like this allowed me to gain further insight into the variety of businesses Scriba works with.

The team at Scriba have gone out of their way to help and advice on tasks I have been given, and also include me in an ‘in-house learning session’, about securing media coverage. I found the meeting interesting as it not only gave me insight into communicating with journalists, but it also demonstrated the tactics needed to secure space in a magazine or online.

My week of work experience at Scriba has been hugely valuable to me and it has really helped me gain an insight into the world of work! The placement opportunity has not only provided me with a first-hand experience in a business environment, but it will also be highly valued when applying for university, and future employment.

I’ve loved every minute of this week and being actively involved with the Scriba team. I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and the effort they have put into this week – which has allowed me to get the most out my time with them.

I wish Scriba every success for the future!

By Olivia Zito

Work Placement Student