My Week at Scriba: Chloe Ratten

My Week at Scriba: Chloe Ratten

I am frequently asked by many people that I meet what I want to do for my job in the future, but I have never been able to give an answer because I honestly don’t know, and PR had never been something I had considered. Upon finding that I had been assigned a placement at a PR company, I realised that I have very little knowledge of what PR really involves, and whether I would enjoy it? Would it be of interest to me?  All I did know though was that it was relevant to Business, something that I had a strong interest in at college and was sure that I wanted to go and study at university. However, it did not take me long to see that I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to experience working in a stimulating environment, such as Scriba.

As soon as I walked into their beautiful new office, any apprehension I had quickly diminished, as I was greeted by five friendly faces. From the get go, I felt involved in the team and as empowered as everyone else in the office.  Everyone at Scriba PR demonstrates dedication, commitment and enthusiasm towards their job, which was inspiring to watch, and something I hope to have in the future.

I have developed an array of new skills from the insightful roles that I have been given. This involved being given a demonstration of the full process of PR including how the coverage is sent to the media, trawling online and through newspapers looking for client coverage, listening in on phone calls, conducting research for clients, and helping to plan social media content. As you can tell, there hasn’t been time for me to be bored with the varied tasks they had given to me. Therefore, this meant I had the opportunity to work alongside different people, who provided guidance, allowing me to pick up a variety of skills along the way.

My week has gone incredibly fast, highlighting to me how exciting a job like this must be, to work in a constantly changing industry. It has also been incredibly insightful for me to learn what a role in PR entails, and it has allowed me to advance my knowledge in another area of business. I have found my placement and the world of PR extremely enjoyable and enlightening, and it maybe something to contemplate for when I am thinking about my career.

By Chloe Ratten