Rosie Holt - work experience student - Scriba PR

My stint at Scriba!

Currently transitioning into my final year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Huddersfield in Media, Promotional Culture and Advertising, this week I had the privilege of gaining some vital industry experience from the renowned PR experts – and general rays of sunshine – at Scriba PR.

Despite having already met a couple of members of the team previously, in connection with university, I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by how much of a dream the Scriba girls were to work alongside throughout my week of experience. Admittedly nervous on my first day, a room full of smiley faces, a chorus of ‘hello’s and a carefully-penned welcome sign on the famous pink Scriba memo board soon eased any apprehension, and I immediately felt welcomed into the office.

After a whistle-stop tour of the quaint Heritage headquarters — and a run-through of the week’s itinerary with operations manager, Louise — I began getting to grips with some of the basics. This included press release distribution and subsequent coverage trawling for one of Scriba’s clients, an insight into the firm’s extensive media list, and a series of social media tasks to compliment some of the team’s recent work.

Perhaps one of my favourite – and, without a doubt, most daunting – parts of the week, however, was when I was thrown into the deep end with interviewing the subject of Huddersfield Hub’s next ‘Into the Spotlight’ candidate and writing up a draft of the feature. As well as challenging me by pushing me way out of my comfort zone, it allowed me to hone my journalistic skills, improve my confidence, and have some fun in the process!

My experience at Scriba, albeit a short one, has been a real pleasure and a learning curve to say the least. Starting the week with nothing but eagerness to expand my knowledge and a curiosity surrounding what the roles entailed, I now feel as though I am leaving with an entirely new outlook. Scriba has fuelled my passions to pursue a career within the industry after completing the final year of my undergraduate degree, and has certainly provided me with an experience that I will remember for life.

Not only do I feel proud to have worked with such a fabulous team, I also feel thankful for the clarity it has provided me for my future career path and the way it has enriched my life both mentally and in terms of character development. The effort the Scriba collective has put into my visit – and the way they welcomed me on a professional and personal level – has been amazing.

Ladies – you are all truly a credit to both Scriba and yourselves.

By Rosie