My scribolous week as Intern

My scribolous week as Intern

If you were to ask me how I would describe Scriba in three simple words, they would be; cordial, professional and competent. Why exactly these three qualities? I will tell you in my blog…

But first of all, my name is Franziska Kuehl, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Munich in Germany. Whoever thinks of beer, Oktoberfest and dirndls first, I have to disappoint you because Munich has so much more to offer! That’s why I was particularly pleased that colleagues from Scriba told me that they too have already visited our state capital, and loved it. One of them also speaks German, which I take my hat off to because even for us native speakers, our language is sometimes a challenge!

So, when I’m not exploring my home country, I study Global Brand and Fashion Management at the International School of Management in Munich. I’m in my 5th semester and my course of studies is all about business administration, consumer research and marketing/PR.

In order to gain practical experience, I am working at Burda Publishing in Munich in the field of Brand Management for the luxury sector – explicitly for the fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle.

Last year I was allowed to visit Great Britain as part of my studies abroad. I lived in London for half a year and got to know and love England and its inhabitants. Therefore, my absolute wish was to come back to England – not least because of the delicious scones!

My internship abroad at UNTHA UK gave me the opportunity to spend a week looking over the shoulders of Scriba’s nice colleagues and get actively involved with their work. It was especially interesting for me to see marketing and PR from a different perspective.

Through my work at the magazine, you are sitting, colloquially speaking, “on the other side”. Now I’ve had the opportunity to learn how press releases are created. My colleagues showed me the different types of publications and explained to me what the individual steps are, including researching for coverage and saving clippings. I also found it very exciting that they work with B2B companies, because PR for capital goods is very different.

It was also interesting to see how Scriba creates social media posts – what you have to pay attention to and which programs for administration are used. I especially liked the fact that I was always allowed to actively participate. For example, I was able to take part in a call and an in-house learning session with lots of interesting content, like managing PR crisis. Scriba’s clients are individual – for them the business creates a strong brand image with relevant and well-placed content.

For me as a brand management student it was very impressive to see how the company has developed itself. You can definitely speak of women power! Of course, the ladies prove this through their commitment and their excellent work, but the crowning glory is the awards they achieve and deserve.

Let’s come back to my three keywords. Professional and competent now I hope are clearly understandable. What is still missing? Cordial!

At the beginning I was warmly greeted with a little message on the famous pink Scriba memo board. By searching the site with my colleagues, I was able to get to know a lot about them – both personally and professionally. The fact that this company has an excellent corporate culture can be seen in many things; the shared lunches, the teamwork and of course the collegial and friendly interaction. Feel-good factor is not only a word here!

From my point of view Scriba is a perfect “media kit” of cordial, professional and competent.

I wish the team continued success and all the best.