My first job

My first job

From as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to work, and having older siblings who had jobs whilst I was growing up made me even more determined to find my own. Over the years I’ve had a large variety, which I have loved in different ways – and learnt a lot from!

My first was when I was 14 years old – I followed in the footsteps of my brother and got myself a paper round. Every weekend without fail, through sun, snow and rain, I would deliver newspapers to the local houses. Even though it was a way for me to earn my own money and be independent, I quickly realised It would be short-term as it was very repetitive, so I began looking for a “grown-up” job.

My 15th birthday came around, and I felt it was time to pluck up the courage, put my nerves aside and begin the search. No matter how long it took I was determined to find something!

It was a success! The unnecessary panic of not being old enough for many roles was over, and I found myself a weekend job at a family friend’s play gym. I was now taking after my sister – she had also worked there when she was younger.

When I first started, I worked the occasional shift on a Saturday or Sunday, but this soon increased due to a big influx of children’s parties in the run up to Christmas. In total I worked there for three years whilst studying at school and college.

Even though I had acquired a suitable role for someone of my age, I still had the urge to learn and gain more experience. This led me on to my third role as a food and beverage assistant at Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield.

I decided to keep my job at the play gym, and most people believed having two positions as well as being a full-time student would be an impossible task, but I took it all in my stride! In December 2016 I decided that it was time to hang up my play gym apron for the last time, as I began to establish a clearer idea of the path I wanted to go down.

My role at the hotel continued, but I moved departments and stayed in the restaurant which gave me a great insight into how businesses worked – even if this did involve a lot of late nights and early classes the next morning!

I gained skills within customer service – I was even told I had a way of connecting with customers instantly – which have proven to be invaluable. I found that – no matter what – I always made sure the customer had the best possible experience in the hotel, whichever department I was working in that day!

In all of the positions I have held I knew I wasn’t going down the career path I wanted to stay in after college, but I was always thankful for the opportunities I had been given. I learned so much along the way including discipline, time-management, communication and teamwork.

All of the above has led me to where I am today, as a PR assistant at Scriba – a job I secured in July 2018 – after my first ever formal interview! Now, I’m doing what I enjoy working amongst a great team, extending my knowledge of the word of PR and gaining unforgettable experiences along the way!

By Luci