My dream PR account

My dream PR account

A lot of people will probably think my dream client is a little boring compared to some of my colleagues – ‘Yorkshire’s finest writer’ Michael Palin and Suma Wholefoods – but I’d love to work with international sports brand, Nike.

When I’m not at Scriba HQ, I spend the majority of my spare time pumping iron, swimming or sprinting on a treadmill in the gym. It’s become a bit of an addiction for me – pushing my body to make it stronger. And I do all of this with a little help from my good friend, Nike.

Not only am I obsessed with buying their trainers, but I feel my most confident when I’m wearing my sports gear – so I had to dedicate this blog to them.

To put my idea to the test, I decided to pit it against the characteristics of a perfect client, based on a list from our friends at Here’s how it measured up:

  1. Has an interesting story to tell
    I’m probably not alone when I say its famous slogan “Just Do It”, has empowered many people to get up and achieve something for themselves – no matter who you are or where you’re from, Nike seems to draw people together. And, it’s the market leader for sportswear. Always innovating, the brand is constantly pushing the boundaries to create a product that is comfortable, supportive and stylish, something I personally don’t think anyone else in the sector can touch. They care about the planet too – the sustainable performance line on average reduces up to 60% less waste, when compared to traditional cut and sew shoe manufacturing – so you can look great and feel good about what you’re wearing.
  2. Understands what PR can achieve and has realistic expectations
    Nike is probably well-known for it’s bold and diverse campaign – just remember what the Colin Kaepernick campaign achieved – so it’s clear they understand what good PR can do. With their reputation, I don’t think it’s possible for their expectations to be too high either!
  3. Shows gratitude
    They take such care in creating their products, and ensuring their staff are treated fairly and ethically – which is disclosed in their forced labour, human trafficking  and modern slavery statement – so I’d like to think they’d similarly show me the same recognition.
  4. Is committed to the PR process and makes quick decisions
    Check! I don’t think Nike would be where it is today without some good PR. I’m sure they have to make swift choices on a regular basis to stay ahead of the game, so that won’t be a problem either.
  5. Tells its PR agency the truth
    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  6. Values opportunities over minimising risk
    A brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries – sometimes scarily – of what is possible with sports shoes and clothing, won’t have a problem challenging themselves. It’s true, they won’t always receive positive PR, but I’m impressed with their creativity and admire their risk-taking to tackle difficult issued head-on.
  7. Is enthusiastic about the partnership
    I would be like a kid in a candy shop, so I’m sure my energy would rub off!

Unfortunately, Nike handles all of it’s PR in-house, so I don’t think I’ll be leading the communications any time soon – but a girl can dream!

By Paige