My 3 takeaways from the Forward Ladies Power Business Breakfast Club

My 3 takeaways from the Forward Ladies Power Business Breakfast Club

It’s almost a year to the day that Scriba scooped Start up of the Year at the Forward Ladies national awards in association with HSBC. What was a 5-strong team at the time, headed to Leeds Dock for the celebratory lunch, and we were delighted to learn that, despite competition from multi-million-pound turnover firms, we’d WON!

The news was a huge achievement for the entire company, and it felt particularly special because – as an award’s guest pointed out – my daughter was there to enjoy our success with us (albeit in my tummy before she arrived to make her impact on the world herself!)

Fast forward to last week and I was invited to speak to members of the Forward Ladies Power Business Breakfast Club, about our journey. We met at the delicious Banyan Kitchen in Leeds, and instead of delivering a scripted – or entirely polished – account of our five-and-a-half year story, I just spoke from the heart about the path our firm had been on.

Attendees heard our various chapters, ranging from the embryonic days when Scriba was little more than a concept, through to the times when our client base grew, we relocated (more than once), embarked on our hunt for great people, scooped up awards, and more recently, encountered our biggest – but toughest – year yet.

In and amongst my ramblings, there was hopefully a theme running throughout. So, for those of you who couldn’t attend, here are the 3 takeaways from the morning:

  1. I love to plan and rarely tackle anything without a thorough, researched structure. But, over the years we’ve navigated the unexpected and grown faster than we could have anticipated. Our paths haven’t always been written down, but our mindset of preparedness is perhaps what has equipped us to remain agile.
  2. I don’t particularly like to take risks, as my financial advisor will attest given my pension fund choice! But there have been many times when we’ve made calculated decisions that others may have disagreed with, to get to where we’re at today. One mentor disagreed with our decision to be such a niche PR agency – helping only technical clients for example – but that risk has actually proven our strength, and I think we always knew that deep down.
  3. Our sense of purpose has been another differentiator. For some people, ‘purpose’ is a bit ‘fluffy’ for their liking. But our clear understanding of what we’re here to do and why it matters, has helped us remain focused on what’s important as the business has evolved (and thankfully all of the Scriba colleagues now share and help shape this further). It also means we naturally attract the type of brands we can – and want to – help, and it has guided us during the more turbulent times that nobody could have anticipated.

Our journey is made up of so many other fantastic things – exciting clients, a passion for learning, hard-working colleagues and a commitment to re-invest in what matters. In truth the list goes on. But that’s a lot to cover in only 15 minutes!

By Katie