Mental Health Awareness Week: Self-care with Scriba PR

Mental Health Awareness Week: Self-care with Scriba PR

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and – while we appreciate the current situation has everyone feeling a little frazzled – now more than ever is the time for people to focus on self-care, health and wellbeing.

While social media would have you thinking that we should be enjoying a Yoga session as the sun comes up and spending hours reading self-help books or learning a new skill, it’s also perfectly okay to binge on Netflix, have a day of not getting dressed and eating nothing but pizza – if that’s what you want to do!

It may be easier said than done, but we should all be trying to look after ourselves that little bit more during this strange time in our lives. So, we thought we would take a moment to press ‘pause’ and look at how the Scriba team has been making time for looking after themselves. We’ve also enclosed our Twitter handles so you can get involved and share what you’ve been up to!

Katie Mallinson, Scriba MD (@ScribaPR)

I seem to have developed a new online shopping addiction, with my daughter Flo being a particularly lucky beneficiary! But the other day, when sending flowers to a friend, I popped an extra letterbox parcel in for me too! We forget ourselves all too often and surely right now we deserve a treat. Fun fact – I’m also a trained florist so I got a bit crafty when they arrived!

Flowers don’t have to cost you a penny either. During a walk last week, me and Flo picked a bunch of wildflowers – probably weeds – which look beautiful in my home office and make me smile every time I look at them. Don’t worry, we didn’t go anywhere near the bluebells.

In terms of the things I’d like to do more of – it would have to be long baths! I love water, so for as long as I can’t be in the sea or a swimming pool, I’d like to make more time for tranquil at home. I’ve signed up for a wine subscription too – ssshh!

Ruth Harrison-Davies, senior account manager (@itsonlymeruth)

Much like Katie, I’m spending money on flowers and plants – as well as picking wildflowers on my daily walks. I also splurged on some luxury toiletries and candles from Molton Brown, makeup from Charlotte Tilbury and clothes from Monki. I don’t usually ‘treat myself’ so much, but I justified it by using the money I’d otherwise spend on lunch, fuel and socialising!

It’s incredible how much of a difference a nice bunch of flowers, scented candle and a new outfit can make you feel – even when you’re not seeing anyone. I also make sure I have some music playing in the background every day – and take five minutes to dance or sing, if the mood takes me.

Having got into a routine of working out before lockdown, I need to seriously get my butt into gear and start exercising again. I’ve seen my colleague Paige doing some fantastic daily workouts, and I want to jump on that bandwagon as she always looks so fabulous when we video call!

Amy Lloyd, account manager (@AmyScribaPR)

In an effort to keep myself smiling, and sane, every day after work, I’m venturing out for a walk in the nearby countryside with my partner Tom – it always helps us to switch off and reset. But, all this exercise has also led to a minor obsession with fitness clothing – especially Gymshark leggings – so like my colleagues Ruth and Katie, I’ve also been indulging in a little retail therapy. So many colours!

When I’m not out hiking in the hills, I also love cooking, so I’m really enjoying experimenting with new, healthy recipes and sharing them on the ‘gram! Tom’s also appreciating the delights from my weekend baking sessions!

Also on the weekend, you’ll find me with my headphones on, dancing around the house to some upbeat Spanish tunes – music always puts me in a good mood and Spotify’s ‘Daily Mix’ is keeping me topped up with the latest Latino hits!

Regarding what I’d like to do more of, I’m keeping in touch with family and friends a lot, but you can never spend enough ‘virtual’ time with your nearest and dearest, so I’d always like to do more of this! Oh, and I’d like to make a start on that recipe book I’ve had on my to-do list for a while now…

Hayley Paterson, account manager (@HayleyP_11)

I’m going daily walks with my little lad in tow. He makes sure that I’m able to switch off and enjoy being ‘present’ while we trek through the woods to find creepy crawlies! I seem to have picked up my love of football again too – albeit only having a little ‘kickabout’ in the back garden, but it’s been good to pretend I’m George Best all over again.

A lot of my friends live further afield so it’s been nice to catch-up with them over a video call, play silly games and have a cheeky drink or two in the process. I’ve also used the time to try and not take things for granted – sending little presents to my nearest and dearest to let them know I’m thinking about them.

My next plan is to get a journal on the go to write down random thoughts and draw cartoons. I’d also like to eat a little bit healthier – although there is a waffle house that’s just opened near me, and they do deliveries…

Jenny Gibson, account manager (@1JennyGibson)

In lockdown or generally, I recharge by getting outside into the fresh air – for a walk up a hill, a picnic with the family or a circular cycle ride. I don’t mind a bit of wind and rain.

This is my favourite time of year when trees and flowers start to really flourish. I love to see the May blossom on the Hawthorn trees, the soft pink flowers on Japanese cherry trees, beautiful wisterias and magnolias in gardens (not mine sadly, it’s mainly a football pitch) and pretty buttercups and campions in the fields and at the roadside.

Alice Kelly, PR executive (@AliceScribaPR)

I’m usually quite an active and sociable person, so under normal circumstances I love meeting up with my friends and family or getting sweaty in an exercise class. So, since the lockdown commenced, I’ve been pencilling in regular video calls with my loved ones – usually involving alcohol!

I’m also starting each day with a morning yoga routine and venturing out on long walks in the evening. This helps me to start and end my workday in the best frame of mind – and it really helps to clear away the cobwebs!

I’d really love to successfully ditch the junk food. I’ve been trying – and failing – to eat healthier, but since my kitchen cupboards are about 10 paces away from my workstation, it’s proving quite difficult!

Luci Ownsworth, executive assistant (@LuciScribaPR)

Ordinarily, you’d find me having a coffee with friends a couple of times during the week, before catching a train to the Midlands to visit my boyfriend at the weekend. So, I’ve made sure I have daily calls with the girls – we even have virtual coffee dates to have a bit of normality – as well as regular FaceTime calls with my boyfriend to take our minds off what is going on in the world.

Admittedly, I also spent the first few weeks of lockdown doing far too much online shopping – but at least I have a new wardrobe of clothes to wear once this is all over!

In terms of what I’d like to do more of, it would have to be getting my old routine back, I miss everyone in my life, but until that can happen I’ll stick with the ‘new normal’.

Louise Jaggar, operations manager (@LouiseScribaPR)

Lockdown has caused me to venture into the world of online shopping – big style! I’m easily placing a couple of orders a week these days – whether that’s treating myself to a new Superdry hoodie or getting my two girls a slide for the garden!

I think the whole experience in general has made me look at the positives we can take from the situation – and truly value my family. Despite my husband being an NHS key worker and therefore being away on certain days, we never spend this much time together, and though I’m still carrying out an ops manager role at Scriba PR – and this is potentially the most stressful period of my life to date – I’ve actually chilled out a lot.

I’m doing things now that I wouldn’t usually, and feel that I have ‘let go’ of a lot of tension in all honesty – I even got in the kids’ new paddling pool last week, which is very unlike ‘normal’ me!

Daily walks, regular wine deliveries and a range of food from different establishments – including the use of collection and drop-off services – are all helping to keep life a little bit interesting. And I’m not sure I’ve ever done so many quizzes in my life!

Of course, I long for ‘normality’ but am fully embracing what I have right now – and remaining thankful.

Paige Catton, junior account manager (@PaigeScribaPR

Before lockdown I went to the gym every day – it used to really help me destress and feel good about myself. So, to stop me becoming demotivated, I now make sure I get up every morning at 8:00am to do a workout, which has really helped my mental wellbeing and sets me up for the day ahead!

I am also missing my baby niece like crazy, so as a family we’ve putting the effort in to have regular WhatsApp video calls, so we can watch her dancing around her living room – it’s the highlight of my week.

By Ruth.