Meet our PR assistant: Paige Catton

Meet our PR assistant: Paige Catton

How long have you worked at Scriba?

I started working part time last September, but I have now been here full-time for two months!

What does your role entail?

I like to see myself as a little helper! I assist my colleagues with their work for clients – this allows me to dip in and out of different industries, which I love. My daily tasks can be very varied from drafting social posts and writing blogs to researching awards, creating coverage books plus trawling and saving clippings. Alongside this I take care of Scriba’s own comms, making sure our site is up to date with blogs, uploading our famous Word o’ Week, answering the phone and greeting clients who come to visit our office.

Favourite part about the job

The various clients I get to work with. Some of them are so different from one another – I could be doing work on an estate agency one minute and then a vehicle car remarketing company the next. This allows me to gain knowledge of industries I never dreamed I would understand in such detail! The variety means I’m always on my toes and my days are never monotonous.

Favourite piece of coverage to date

Wow, there are so many! Online coverage is great, but I always get excited when we manage to secure coverage in a newspaper or a magazine. Any traditional coverage – no matter the size – has to be my favourite!

Favourite project to date

Writing my first ever press release, which was for Scriba. It was difficult initially, as I’d never written anything in this style before, but I love a challenge so I got stuck in! I then issued it to all relevant publications and monitored the press for the coverage – it was even published in the Yorkshire Post!  It was great to see something I had done (with the help of my team) being recognised.

Describe Scriba in three words

Different, passionate and creative!  

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in PR?

Get work experience. This will give you a feel for the job and the types of tasks you may have to undertake, as well as making you stand out to a business.

Describe what ‘PR’ means, in your own words, in one sentence

Giving a voice to those who struggle to effectively articulate their ideas, so that they are noticed in their fields.