Meet our founder: Katie Mallinson

Meet our founder: Katie Mallinson

How long have you worked at Scriba?

Since the very first day in June, 2013, having enjoyed a seven-year career in PR up to that point. In fact, I recently marked my 10-year industry anniversary!

What does your role entail?

My role is – and always will be – very hands on. I’m actively involved in the strategic direction of clients’ PR campaigns and often put ‘pen to paper’ – whether for a press release, web copy or an in-depth feature. I’m also responsible for new business enquiries that come in via word of mouth recommendations and I ensure the future progression of the company through staff development and the launch of new services.

The only part I don’t like is the accounts – I’ve got a keen eye on our financial planning but I’m much more of a word nerd than a number whizz!

Favourite part about the job

The best part about my job is bringing the country’s ‘best kept secrets’ to the fore, in the UK and further afield. Many technical businesses believe they have a story that is too complex to tell, so it’s great to help them communicate what they do to their target audience and see their company grow as a result.

Favourite piece of coverage to date

In my whole career, my absolute favourite piece is a three-quarter page spread in the Daily Telegraph for an innovative company that turns food ‘waste’ into animal feed.

For Scriba, my most-prized work to date is getting the MD of UNTHA UK onto the BBC Breakfast Show to discuss Brexit.

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Favourite project to date

I’ve loved working on lots of different projects for different reasons.

One stand-out campaign was the launch of a revolutionary new shredder for UNTHA UK, which achieved an estimated reach of 1,500,000 million people on a budget of just £3,000.

More recently, I’ve enjoyed working on the launch of Offploy – a social enterprise aimed at getting ex-offenders back into work. The media picked up on the story extremely quickly and the client achieved its first sales enquiry just two hours after the news hit.

Describe Scriba in three words

Fierce, different, creative.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a career in PR?

Give it a go! Do some work experience with both an agency and an in-house marketing team. Plus if you can get just a day working within a magazine or newspaper, it will provide you with invaluable insight into ‘the other side’ and the types of stories that catch a journalist’s eye.

And we’re always on the lookout for placement students, so don’t be shy!

Describe what ‘PR’ means, in your own words, in one sentence

Telling your story, to the people that matter, via powerful communication that achieve your business objectives.

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